Another Supermom.

Supermom Erica Durance

But wait, there's more! Erica Durance took over as Supergirl's Kryptonian mom, Alura Zor-El, in 2017. Eagle-eyed super-fans immediately recognized her from Smallville, where she played Lois Lane for six of the show's ten seasons.

A wonderful president

Lynda Carter <strong><em>Supergirl</em></strong>

In yet another cool meta nod to longtime DC television fans, Linda Carter showed up in the Arrowverse as the secretly alien President of the United States on Supergirl's Earth. Carter most famously played Wonder Woman on TV in the 70s.

A Super Sister.

Alex Danvers

Like some of our favorite Arrowverse characters, including John Diggle aka Spartan, Kara's adoptive sister was created specifically for the screen. Alex Danvers didn't originate in the comic books. And we are of course very grateful to the TV series for blessing us with her, as the bond between the two sisters is really the heart of the show. On top of that, she's a kickass character - literally and figuratively.

Maggie Sawyer is in the comics.

Maggie Sawyer

Like most of the characters on the show, Alex's true love, Detective Maggie Sawyers, originated on the printed page. She's been a supporting character for both Superman and Batman. In fact, the Metropolis detective was even briefly the Police Commissioner of Gotham and romantically involved with the Kate Kane Batwoman.

Kara died in the comics.

Kara death <strong><em>Supergirl</em></strong>

In the famous '80s storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths, which cleaned up and consolidated all sorts of DC multiverse continuity, Supergirl was killed. One of the most famous images in DC history is the Crisis cover featuring a grieving Superman holding his cousin's body. The show even paid homage to this image with this cool promo poster (LINK). Like Superman's own death in the comics, which came about four years later, it didn't last. Kara was kept out of the comics for quite some time before her proper return. There were a few confusing iterations before DC arrived with a Kara Danvers more closely resembling the one we know and love on TV.

Ryan J. Downey