There are some perceived issues with the movie side of things in terms of DC Comics adaptations. Depending on who you ask, potentially a lot of issues. But by most accounts, the TV side has been crushing it. Last night's episode of Supergirl teased a pretty potentially major thing that could lead them to crushing it even harder. Cara Danvers most definitely teased Batman.

During The CW's most recent episode of Supergirl, "The Darkest Place," there was an awful lot going on. Jimmy Olsen is transitioning into his role as Guardian and this week Cyborg Superman came to play. During the show's run, it has been made clear and there is no doubt about the fact that the city of Gotham exists in the world of Supergirl. Last night while Melissa Benoist was delivering some dialogue, it was made clear that Batman also exists in that universe. Here is what she said.

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"My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons. Vigilantes are nuts!"

So there you have it. Her more famous cousin, Superman just in case you forgot, worked with a "vigilante" with a "ton of gadgets" at least once. Even though she didn't say the name Batman, it is crystal clear that is who she was talking about. Sure, there are plenty of other vigilantes in the world of DC Comics and there are plenty of other characters with gadgets, but none of them would be worth teasing in such a way. So at the very least Batman exists in the DC TV universe, which is pretty cool.

This not-so-subtle reference might give fans hope that the Dark Knight could be making an appearance at some point, somewhere on a CW DC show. That may seem a little unrealistic, but don't forget, we did just get Superman joining up with Supergirl recently. Superman is the only name nearly as big as Batman in the world of DC, so who knows? If they were able to bring Supergirl's more famous cousin into the fold, there is no reason they couldn't bring Batman in at some point down the line. Don't get your hopes up, though. This was more than likely just a fun little tease for fans, but still, it is exciting.

The CW rescued Supergirl from cancellation this season and has definitely been making the most of it. Not only did they bring on Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, but they are going to be having a massive crossover event with all four of their DC shows; Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends on Tomorrow. There are going to be more costumed heroes in that event than anyone would have ever thought possible a few years ago, so why not hold out some hope that Batman will show up at some point? Even if it isn't on Supergirl. Batman may ultimately make more sense on Arrow or The Flash. Maybe we could even get a TV do-over of Batman V. Superman? The possibilities are endless.