Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will have a new adversary on his hands in Season 2 of Arrow, with Summer Glau signing on for the recurring role of Isabel Rochev.

Described as "enigmatically beautiful" and "dangerous," Isabel Rochev is the VP of acquisitions at Stellmoor Enterprises, a corporation which wants to take over Queen Consolidated. Summer Glau is set to make her debut in the Season 2 Premiere, airing on October 9. It isn't known how many episodes the actress will appear in throughout the season.

In the comic books, Isabel Rochov hails from a small Siberian village, where she lived as a slave and worked in diamond mines, before escaping to run Queen Enterprises after Oliver's father Robert passed away. The character has only been referenced by name in the Arrow series, showing up Robert Queen's book of corrupt and powerful people in Starling City.

Production got under way on Season 2 of Arrow this week. Summer Glau most recently appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-0, Alphas, and Grey's Anatomy.