David Harbour and Patton Oswalt looked just like Steve and Dustin from Stranger Things when they were kids. The hit show just returned for its third season and fans are going back to re-watch it to see if they missed anything. The mega-successful Netflix series has fans from all walks of life, including comedian Oswalt, who was a teenager in 1985, when the latest season takes place. Harbour was 10-years old in 1985 for those who are interested.

While Comic-Con dominated the news over the weekend, one Stranger Things fan made the resemblance discovery which has now gone viral. Young David Harbour looks pretty close to Steve Harrington actor Joe Keery. They have the same wavy hair and their facial features are remarkably similar. As for Patton Oswalt, he looks a lot like Dustin Henderson actor Gaten Matarazzo. Even Oswalt was taken aback by how much he and his friend Harbour used to resemble the two characters. The comedian retweeted the images and said, "Oh my God. OH MY GOD. You see this David Harbour?"


David Harbour has yet to publicly respond to the latest Stranger Things revelation, but the official Twitter account of the show did and it was perfect. "We demand to see your handshake," said the streaming platform, which is an obvious reference to Dustin and Steve's handshake from season 3. Fans of the hit show were also quick to notice the resemblance and can't get over the fact that Harbour and Patton Oswalt are friends and that they actually did look like Steve and Dustin when they were younger.

David Harbour was pretty busy over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con with the Marvel Studios panel. Harbour has a part in the highly anticipated Black Widow standalone movie as Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian. Stranger Things were quick to notice that the first name of the character is the same as season 3 fan-favorite character Russian scientist Alexei, aka "Smirnoff." Fans were quick to point out the similarities, which Harbour has also not commented on as of yet. However, when he starts having to do press, he'll more than likely get asked about the connection.


Patton Oswalt is currently celebrating because his show A.P. Bio is making a comeback. NBC canceled the show back in May and the show's cult fan base let their displeasure be known on social media, which got the show trending. It was recently announced NBC's upcoming streaming platform has renewed the show. It's been a great week for Oswalt and David Harbour and things are only about to get better with their new projects on the way. For now, Stranger Things fans can trip out and see how the younger versions of the actors looks just like Steve and Dustin. The resemblance was first brought to light by A Real Dummy's Twitter account.