A new rumor suggests that Season 1 of Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things is finally coming to Blu-ray and the packaging is perfect. We've seen exclusive colored vinyl of the soundtrack as well as retro Stranger Things cassette tapes and now with upcoming release of Stranger Things Season 2, we've seen a bunch of posters for the series, all done to pay tribute to the movies and television shows that influenced the hit show. To celebrate the release of the first season coming to Blu-ray, Netflix is releasing it in an aged VHS packaging that looks incredible.

Birth Movies Death posted an image from Twitter that shows the packaging in all of its glory along with a box that appears to have quite a few of them. The Season 1 of Stranger Things on Blu-ray has been something that fans have been clamoring for since the release of the series last year and the announcement might come this weekend at the New York Comic-Con. Though there hasn't been an official announcement just yet, the VHS packaging is looking like it's going to be a Target store exclusive and has an alleged release date of October 17th.

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A lot of fans have already or are about to start watching Season 1 to prepare for the release of Season 2 in just a few weeks. The alleged release date of October 17th comes at a perfect time since the new season premiers the following week. It's pretty peculiar that the soundtrack for Season 1 has been packaged and sold a bunch of times, but we have yet to see the physical release of Stranger Things. But now is the perfect time to announce that the show is finally coming out as the holiday season arrives and obviously to coincide with the release of Stranger Things Season 2.

In other Stranger Things news, another way to tap into the nostalgia of the series has popped up online as a free mobile game that looks like a classic SNES look (even though 8-bit graphics would have fit better). Stranger Things: The Game includes seven playable characters, six dungeons to explore and more than 30 quests to complete. Locations in the game include Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab, and the home of Jim Hopper.  There are also Eggos to find, two game modes, an unlockable trailer, and an update for the game expected to hit on October 27th, alongside season two of the show.

As previously mentioned, Netflix has yet to confirm the vintage VHS home release, but considering the show is one of the service's biggest hits (and previous successes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc. scored physical media releases), it's probably just a matter of time until this is confirmed. Judging by the context of the pictures below via Pkavc's Twitter account, these look to be ready to hit the shelves. Most likely Netflix is prepping a surprise release (that just might be October 17th) ahead of Stranger Things Season 2 dropping October 27th on Netflix.