This month, Burger King will be introducing a new sandwich available for a limited time inspired by the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Called the Upside Down Whopper, the new burger is exactly as it sounds. While it will otherwise be a normal Whopper sandwich, this version will be served to customers upside down. Better yet, it will come with '80s-style packaging to coincide with the setting of the Netflix series, even using the classic Burger King and Coke logos from the decade. The company will also have limited edition ketchup packets and Stranger Things inspired T-shirts available.

The Upside Down Whopper will start being served in select Burger King restaurants on June 21 in several American cities like Miami, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Check with your local Burger King to see if the special sandwich will be coming to a restaurant close to you. In the event you won't be able to purchase one of these Upside Down Burgers at your town's Burger King, you can always flip a regular Whopper upside down yourself and eat it that way.

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The complete third season of Stranger Things will be available to watch on Netflix on July 4. Taking advantage of the 4th of July premiere date, Netflix has been utilizing Independence Day themes for much of the season's marketing. This includes a variety of character posters complete with fireworks. This is also because the new season will be set in the summer, after school is out for the year, with a brand new mall opening in town. Of course, all of the fan favorite characters such as Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Will (Noah Schnapp), and the others will all be back to pick up the story after a very long wait.

This will not be the first time Burger King has introduced an unusual sandwich for a limited rime run at the restaurant. Last fall, the fast food chain launched something called the Nightmare King burger, which was Halloween-themed and served on a green hamburger bun. It included grilled beef, crispy chicken, American cheese, bacon, and mayo, the specific combination of which would reportedly cause nightmares to the people who ate it. A few years back, Burger King also similarly introduced the Black Whopper for Halloween, which came on a bun that was black as night. Clearly a sucker for sandwich gimmicks, it stands to reason the new Stranger Things burger won't be the last of the unusual sandwiches we'll see be sold at the restaurant.

You can pick up the Upside Down Whopper yourself when it goes on sale on June 21 at select Burger King restaurants. As for Stranger Things, next month will mark the show's highly anticipated return when it drops on Netflix on July 4. Perhaps the show can be even better enjoyed if you binge it while eating the special sandwich. This information comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.

Stranger Things Upside Down Whopper