It's official: production on Stranger Things Season 3 has begun, according to a new Netflix announcement. There have been reports of new castings over the last several weeks, sparking speculation amongst fans. The original cast has also been in the news recently when it was reported that they were all getting much deserved pay raises. While this is all good news, hardcore Stranger Things fans have only had their mind on one thing, which is when filming is going to begin as well as when the show will premiere.

While announcing that Stranger Things Season 3 in currently in production, Netflix released a video of the cast sitting at a table read for the new episodes. The short clip features the entire cast reunited and preparing to go in for the read of the newest scripts for the show. Sadly, there are no big reveals, but it's just good to know that one of Netflix's most watched programs is back at it. Three new members of the cast, Maya Hawke, Cary Elwes, and Jake Busey, are also shown in the video, while specifics about their characters is being kept secret for the time being.


Though the specifics about the newcomers to the cast of Stranger Things Season 3 are being kept under wraps, we do know some basic information about the characters. For instance, Maya Hawke's Robin character is an "alternative girl," who is reportedly bored by her job. Cary Elwes is playing Mayor Kline, and Jake Busey is playing a new character named Bruce. Not a whole lot to go off of, but it was the same thing when Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery signed on for Season 2.

As for the specifics for what Stranger Things Season 3 will end up being about, that is obviously under wraps as well. However, it has been revealed that the show will take place in the summer of 1985, which is when Back to the Future came out, so expect some references to the iconic 80s movie. Other than that, the Duffer Brothers are being tight-lipped, only promising that Season 3 is going to be a lot scarier than the first two installments. The directing duo have also noted that the aging child actors will have to start playing their characters as younger.


Stranger Things Season 3 has officially begun, but when is it going to premiere on Netflix? That is the question on the minds of all Stranger Things fans at this moment and has been since last fall when everybody binged Season 2. Unfortunately, there is no release date set, and it appears that we will more than likely have to wait until sometime in 2019, though you can experience the series like never before at this year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. In other, slightly bad news, Stranger Things Season 3 will only have 8 episodes. At least the third season is happening at all. While we wait for more updates, you can check out the cast getting together to read the scripts for Season 3 below, thanks to the Netflix YouTube account.