The wait has been too long. But we're in the home stretch now, and new Stranger Things episodes are only a few weeks away. Season 3 will debut over 4th of July weekend, a theme which plays heavily into this third chapter for the sci-fi horror drama. Today, we get an exciting new poster which features Eleven at the forefront, and even gives us a pretty good look at one of the monsters these friends will be tangling with this time around.

That's right, we're just one month away from having our lives all turned upside down yet again. As the tagline states, 'One summer can change everything.' What those changes entail is anybody's guess. We still haven't seen much from the upcoming 8 episodes with only one trailer and a handful of teasers. We're getting 8 straight hours of streaming enjoyment and we've seen about three minutes of that in total.

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This colorful new poster will help tide over even the most anxious fan, as it harkens back to the 80s and mall madness. There are fireworks aplenty, with our main heroes all accounted for. Eleven, Lucas and Steve look the most battle ready, as the others look on in horror. The ground is covered in dead rats. Hopper and Joyce appear to be running for their lives. Billy has his own little corner carved out down at the bottom, and he may prove to be the most interesting character, since he was set up as somewhat of a bad guy in season 2. But that monster taking up the lower half? Even with the Demogorgon, it's safe to say these kids have faced better days.

This is going to be one heck of a summer vacation from school, as the new Starcourt Mall has just opened in Hawkings. In a straight ode to Phantom of the Mall, Steve is drumming up ice cream at Scoops Ahoy, like Pauly Shore before him. Starcourt will be one of the key locations heading into season 3, and the second episode of the season is even called The Mall Rats, which we're pretty sure has something to do with all those dead rodents on this one-sheet. Someone call PETA, it's an emergency.

The final episode of season 3 is called The Battle for Starcourt, and from previous set photos, we know that a big battle full of army tanks and soldiers is going down at the mall. There will also be a few scenes of Eleven visiting the beach for the first time. Yes, there are beaches in Indiana, and you'll get to see them in some of these upcoming episodes. David Harbour, who plays Hopper, wouldn't spill too much about what we can expect, but he did say this about these latest episodes.

"His daughter is becoming a teenager and beginning to find herself, so that's scarier for Hopper than any Demogorgon creature that he's going to have to deal with. You get to see a lot of that throughout the season and it's very unexpected what happens in the end, and it's very, very moving. I think episode eight is the most moving thing we've ever shot."

You can catch up on season 1 and season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix right now. The new episodes stream July 4th.

Stranger Things Season 3 poster