Millie Bobby Brown has once again reported for duty on the set of Stranger Things season 3. The young actress recently suffered a pretty serious knee injury, which has kept her from filming. She's back now, but she still is in need of a stunt double to handle certain shots since she isn't at a hundred percent just yet. Brown took to Instagram to reveal that she's feeling much better, posting a picture of herself looking quite happy. Here caption states that her knee is in much better shape.

"When your knee is nearly healed and you're the happiest girl."

As for the set photos, we see Eleven in glasses, with much longer hair and in a new get-up. She's looking much more like a normal kid these days, compared to when we first met her back in season 1. There are also some photos featuring Millie Bobby Brown's co-star Sadie Sink, who will be riding bikes alongside Eleven. However, we mostly see Brown's stunt double in those photos.


These particular set photos don't clue us in all that much in regards to the plot of Stranger Things season 3, though, it's good to see Millie Bobby Brown up and around. She not only suffered that knee injury, but a contingent of trolls on Twitter made a series of anti-LGBTQ memes utilizing Brown's photos. This caused the actress to quit Twitter as a result. Based on the photo she posted to Instagram, she didn't let that phase her.

Netflix has yet to set a premiere date for Stranger Things season 3 just yet. Production on the new season kicked off in early May and has been going steady ever since. Just as it was with season 2, things are being kept rather secretive in regards to what we're going to see unfold when the gang returns to Hawkins. What we know for sure is that we're going to see some new faces this season. Cary Elwes and Jake Busey have both boarded the cast, along with Francesca Reale, who will be playing a lifeguard. It's also been revealed that the story will take place in 1985. Maybe they can slip in some Back to the Future and The Goonies references for good measure?


Stranger Things wound up becoming one of the biggest hits for Netflix. The streaming service has been investing a lot more in creating original content as of late, as opposed to licensing titles from other studios. Stranger Things helped set the bar for what a successful show on their platform can be, with other studios looking to emulate the success by utilizing 80s nostalgia and groups of young kids having adventures. Strangers Things season 3 is likely to debut some time in 2019. Be sure to check out the new set photos of Mille Bobby Brown, courtesy of Just Jared, for yourself below.