With production already in full-gear, the third season of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things has just added another member to its ever-expanding cast. Francesca Reale, best known for her co-starring role in the Netflix series Haters Back Off!, is taking on a "major" recurring role in Stranger Things season 3.

While Reale does not have the largest acting resume, many Stranger Things fans may recognize her from her role as Emily in Haters Back Off!, the Netflix series starring YouTube sensation Miranda Sings. Unfortunately for Reale, Haters Back Off! was cancelled after its thoroughly disappointing second season. Things stilled worked out in Reale's favor, however, as her work with Netflix has led her to her next big gig, which will likely be her largest role yet.


While many of the details of Reale's character in Stranger Things are being kept under wraps, just like almost everything else having to do with the show's third season, Deadline has managed to report a bit of information on what to expect from this new character. According to the report, Francesca Reale will be playing a popular lifeguard named Heather who works at the Hawkins Community Pool.

Heather is said to be "the centerpiece" of a new, dark mystery for the show's third season. Though her role is only recurring, it is also described as a "major" role, and her description implies that she will be of vital importance to the show's events. Exactly what kind of mystery it is that we will be seeing in the show has yet to be revealed.


Considering that Heather is reportedly a lifeguard, and that the show's plot is heavily based off of movies and shows from the '80s, we can imagine that she will be of some romantic interest to the show's young main characters. However, Heather will more than likely be a crush to the main characters rather than an actual romantic partner, as Francesca Reale is currently 22, which is quite a bit older than the show's child stars.

Francesca Reale will not be the only new face in the third season of Stranger Things. The series has also added Kill Bill star Uma Thurman to the mix in a currently unnamed role. In addition, Maya Hawke, the 19 year old daughter of Ethan Hawke, has been cast in the show's third season as Robin, who has been described by Netflix as an "alternative girl."


As expected, almost all details for Season 3 outside of these three casting decisions have been kept secret by Netflix and all those involved, so there's no telling what exactly we will see in the next chapter of this thrilling series. Of course, the usual science-fiction type of horror and abundance of '80s nostalgia should be expected, as both of these have driven the show in the past. This report from Deadline is most likely all we will get for at least another couple months in terms of knowing what to expect from the next season. All in all, we are very excited to see what actress Francesca Reale brings to the table next year when season 3 of Stranger Things arrives on Netflix.