David Harbour can't seem to spit out the word "grandma" in the Stranger Things season 3 blooper reel. In addition to the single scene, Netflix has teased that more are on the way next week. For a show that's full of so much doom and gloom, it's nice to see that they had fun while making it. That's not to say that the show doesn't have its own humor because it certainly does, it just means that there is a lot more of a horror element than comedy.

In the first blooper released from Stranger Things season 3, David Harbour's Chief Hopper is having a stern talk with Finn Wolfhard's Mike and Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven. Hopper is trying to get Mike to leave and is making up an excuse about his grandma, but David Harbour just can't seem to get the word out without busting out into laughter each time. Even with encouragement from Wolfhard, Harbour still struggles to say "grandma" and it's amazing that the scene even made it into the show to begin with.


Now, Netflix and Stranger Things are announcing that more bloopers are on the way. November 6th is the day, though it's unclear just how much we're going to be able to see. Thankfully, we don't have to wait too long since the 6th happens to be a week from today. Blooper reels are often a fun look at what happens behind-the-scenes of a production. For something like Stranger Things, where it looks like everybody gets along like a family, there must be a wealth of destroyed takes from having too much fun.

While fans are hungry for more information about Stranger Things season 4, there isn't a whole lot out there at the moment. However, fans have also been asking about a season 3 blooper reel, so some of the more hardcore fans will be satisfied, regardless of what is released or announced next week. For now, we know season 4 will consist of 8 episodes and production is expected to begin in January and go all the way through August, which means a summer premiere date is highly unlikely.


Stranger Things uses a lot of visual effects, so that will more than likely bog down the post-production process. As for when we'll see the season land, it seems that either the end of next year or spring/summer 2021 will be the earliest that we see the gang return to Hawkins. With that being said, the Byers family took off with Eleven and we're not exactly sure what happened to Chief Hopper, although it looks like we might have some Russian clues. For now, the Duffer Brothers are really the only ones who know what is going to happen in the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things. You can watch David Harbour mess up the word "grandma" below, thanks to the Stranger Things Twitter account.