To celebrate being less than a week away from the premiere of Stranger Things Season 2, Netflix has released the official poster for the series and the soundtrack is now available. Netflix and the Stranger Things crew have done an excellent job of marketing the second season online, offering up posters that paid tribute to the movies and pop culture of the 1980s that the show has been influenced by, but this is our first look at the official Stranger Things Season 2 poster that brings everybody all together for the first time. In addition, the soundtrack is now officially available to stream.

Netflix unveiled the official poster for Stranger Things Season 2 early on Sunday morning and it definitely stays in the same vein as the poster for Season 1, but with two new characters and hints of what we have seen in the promotional material leading up to now. The original cast is all there along with two new additions Billy and Max. The arcade sign can clearly be seen, leading one to believe that the arcade might be more than a light-hearted gaming session for the boys in the upcoming episodes.

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The shadow monster shadows everybody beneath it with Eleven directly underneath it with Will right below her. Will is going to have a lot bigger of a role this time around as we try and figure out what exactly came back with him from the Upside Down. Below, the boys are seen in their Ghostbusters gear on bikes, with the ground covered in rotting pumpkins and scarecrow looming in the background. There's also a car in the background with headlights shining forward, which may or may not be a clue of some things to come in the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

In addition to the poster for Season 2 of Stranger Things, the soundtrack is also now available to stream. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein from the group S U R V I V E have returned to bring the John Carpenter vibes back for Season 2. The first 9 tracks are mellow, synth-laden tracks that fit in perfectly with what we've already come to expect from the duo, but things take a dark turn on track 10, which is entitled "Descent into the Rift." The common thread of the first soundtrack is clearly evident, but this time around, things are a lot darker sonically. If the soundtrack for Stranger Things Season 2 is any indication, we're in for a darker experience this time around.

While the official poster for Stranger Things Season 2 looks awesome, it doesn't give any true hint that this is a darker affair. However, the soundtrack gives an interesting peek into what Season 2 will be. The titles don't seem to spoil anything, so those looking to avoid spoilers should be fine. It's hard to believe that we're less than a week away from new episodes of Stranger Things, but it's almost time. October 27th, will be here before we know it, but in the meantime, check out the new poster courtesy of the official Stranger Things Twitter account and the soundtrack below.