Stranger Things Season 2 is almost here and ahead of the debut on Netflix, series creators, the Duffer Brothers have shared a few pages of the script that introduce a new location and character. In addition, Netflix has continued its retro-themed poster tributes with a new poster that salutes the iconic 1975 Jaws poster image. The marketing for Stranger Things Season 2 has been doing really well, paying tribute to the movies and TV shows that inspired the hit show as well as teasing just enough information without giving anything away about the upcoming second season.

The Duffer Brothers released 3 pages of the script for Stranger Things Season 2 to Entertainment Weekly. For anyone familiar with the Comic-Con trailer, you'll notice right away that the pages take place in the arcade shown off in the recently released trailer that took the San Diego Comic-Con by storm in July. The boys are shown in the scene mashing buttons in the arcade arguing about high scores for Dig-Dug. The arcade is named The Palace, which is a nod to 1983's WarGames starring Matthew Broderick as the creators decided to shift the focus from board games from the first season into video games for the second.

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The new character who is introduced is an employee of The Palace arcade named Keith, who hangs out with the boys. He's several years older and apparently, he really likes Cheetos, but likes Nancy more. The boys are trying to figure out the true identity of Mad Max, who has the high score on Dig-Dug, the game that they're playing. The lighthearted dilemma becomes whether the Stranger Things boys try and hook Nancy up with Keith to figure out the mystery surrounding Mad Max. The term "wastoid" is used by Keith in defense of his acne and is obviously a tip of the hat to The Breakfast Club. The next part of the script focuses on Will and the last part of the trailer. The script reads.

"'Focus our attention on Will' is really a sign of things to come this season, as our main storyline centers on Will and his recovery. Just because Will was rescued from the Upside Down doesn't mean he's safe..."

There is clearly something wrong with young Will that was evident in the last episode of Season 1 of Stranger Things. And from what we have seen in the new previews from Season 2, things have definitely changed since he returned from the Upside Down.

Speaking of the Upside Down, a new Jaws-inspired retro poster for the hit show was released today by Netflix. The poster features Eleven walking with her head down and Stranger Things logo above her in the Jaws font. Below her, instead of a shark lunging upwards, is the Demogorgon. Stranger Things Season 2 premiers on October 27th, 2017, but in the meantime, you can check out the brand new Jaws-themed poster as well as pages from the script below.

Stranger Things Season 2 Jaws poster