The Stranger Things Twitter keeps continuing a tradition they started in early August, kicking off their #StrangerThursday tweets with a new poster that pays homage to classic films from the 80s, and we have the two latest right here. First up is a one-sheet that honors the classic Firestarter, which was released in 1984, the same year Season 2 is set, with breakout star Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven replicating the pose struck by a young Drew Barrymore in the iconic Stephen King adaptation. The second poster goes back to 1981, with Winona Ryder striking that familiar and terrifying pose from the poster for the 1981 classic The Evil Dead.

Both posters debuted on the Stranger Things Twitter, following previous posters that paid tribute to Alien, set in the Upside Down, along with Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) portraying The Running Man, Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) reenacting the poster from A Nightmare on Elm Street and all of the kids getting together for a Stand By Me tribute poster. It certainly seems clear that Netflix plans on releasing more tribute posters every Thursday, from now until the October 27 release date, at least we hope that's the plan. With just under two months left until the premiere, it remains to be seen if these posters will focus on any of the new characters, or just returning characters.

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Most of the posters focus on one singular character, with this week's focusing on Winona Ryder's Joyce Byers, who is seen being dragged into the Upside Down. We learned earlier this year that there will be a Joyce Byers love triangle of sorts, with Joyce dating one of the new characters debuting this season, Sean Astin's Bob Newby, the manager of the Hawkins, Indiana Radio Shack. Bob went to high school with both Joyce and Sheriff Jim Hopper, who is not too pleased that they're dating, since he has developed feelings for Joyce in the aftermath of the first season.

These also come after a string of Stranger Things Season 2 character posters were released, which not only gave us glimpses at all of the main returning characters, but also a new glimpse at two more new characters, Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Max (Sadie Sink), who have both just moved to Hawkins. Speaking of love triangles, the tomboy Max is said to attract amorous affection from both Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) this season, although we'll have to see how this young romance plays out. Still, it seems unlikely that there will be much time for romance, with previous posters teasing that something quite ominous is settling in the skies above Hawkins, which is what all of these characters may have been looking at in the character posters from last week.

What's interesting about all of these Stranger Things Season 2 posters is that they haven't used the most obvious choice yet, the 1984 classic Ghostbusters. The first official photos released from Stranger Things Season 2 showed all of the main kids dressing up as Ghostbusters for Halloween, in quite accurate costumes. It's possible that they just may simply be saving the Ghostbusters poster for last, since Stranger Things Season 2 is set to open up on Halloween in Hawkins, Indiana. While we wait for more information, and next week's posters, take a look at the Evil Dead and Firestarter posters for Stranger Things below.