The mystery surrounding Eleven's disappearance at the end of Stranger Things is becoming a little less mysterious. We learned last month that Millie Bobby Brown was returning in Stranger Things Season 2 thanks to a bidding war between hollywood reps. Now we have word that the actress will return as a series lead.

There had been some speculation that Eleven wouldn't be returning in Stranger Things Season 2 for at least the first couple of episodes, appearing as a surprise midway through these new episodes. Now, a new report at TVLine says the actress will once again be playing one of the leads. Which means she'll most likely make her presence known in the first returning episode, and will continue to show up in all nine planned episodes.

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When we last saw Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven, she was obliterated into dust along with the dreaded Demogorgon. But at the very end of the final Season 1 episode, we saw David Harbour's Jim Hopper delivering Eggos in a quite mysterious way.

At this time, Netflix declines to answer any questions about Millie Bobby Brown's participation in Stranger Things Season 2. And there have been some rumors that Millie Bobby Brown will return as a clone of herself, finally accounting for One through Ten, and possibly even introducing Twelve. Over the summer, as the show was being renewed, creators The Duffer Bros. refused to answer any questions as to where Eleven wound up at the end of Season 1, and wouldn't answer the question of whether she'd be back or not. They would only say it was 'up in the air'.

More questions about Eleven's possible return where raised when the Duffers brought in a new female lead named Max, who is being played by Broadway veteran Sadie Sink. Her character is described as a tough and confident skateboarding tomboy. And her hobbies are more typical of boys in the 80s time era.

This latest report won't confirm how many of the nine new episodes Eleven will appear in. But it's likely that she won't be sitting out any of them. Though, her whereabouts may not be revealed until the final moments of the first episode. At this time, Stranger Things Season 2 does not have a release date on Netflix.

The extremely popular show will pick back up a year after the events of Season 1. It will take place in 1984, and delve into the bigger mystery behind Will Byers' disappearance. The entire original cast is expected to return with the exception of Matthew Modine as  Dr. Martin Brenner. As of now, his whereabouts remain a mystery.