Netflix's Stranger Things season 2 is almost here and the social media team behind the hit show has gotten pretty clever with their Instagram posts. The official Stranger Things Instagram page has just uploaded 10 videos and 2 pictures that when looked at all together, make a pretty awesome multimedia poster. The poster shows the boys on their bicycles looking up into an ominous, dark sky with the Stranger Things 2 logo.

But that's not all. 9 of the videos that make up the sky contain a video animation of quotes from the first season and audio from the character. All of the quotes included are "Imagine all the other cool stuff she can do", "Maybe Will was in the wrong place at the wrong time", "It got me... the Demogorgon", "She saved us, but she's gone now", "It's not my boy it's not Will", "The gate I opened it", "She's gonna come home some day", "You ever feel cursed?", "It was almost human, but it wasn't." And the 10th video is basically a video of the boys on their bikes riding past the Welcome to Hawkins sign with text that reads "1984 only gets stranger."

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Details are scarce at the moment for what we're in store for with season 2, but the Duffer brothers have stated that this will be a darker affair this time around and the new creatures will apparently make the Demogorgon seem tame. The directors have also mentioned that this season is influenced by movies like The Empire Strikes Back and Terminator 2, which are notable for another reason other than both being sequels. Both of the aforementioned movies stray from the main characters from the first installments to offer different points of view and follow different story lines. So while all of the gang is back together again, we should expect a shift in focus when it comes to the characters this time around.

Another piece of information that is widely known is that we're going to see some new characters for Stranger Things season 2 and Eleven will reportedly paly a large part in the second season, but it is obviously unclear how big a part or what she'll be doing. It has also been reported that the Duffer brothers will be changing up the titles that are available online currently, feeling that the real titles would have given too much away.

Stranger Things Season 2 is all set to roll out on October 27th, 2017 exclusively for Netflix subscribers, which is definitely going to spawn more than one Halloween party this year and just might have some fans calling in sick on October 28th to finish binge watching all 9 new episodes. One thing is for certain; October 27th can't get here soon enough. The all-new Stranger Things episodes will take place around Halloween in 1984 and will see the characters trying to get back to normal life after the traumatic events of the last year. It's unclear what kind of surprises we're in store for tomorrow night during the Stranger Things panel at Comic-Con, but the simple social media post is pretty effective in ramping up the excitement. Fingers are crossed that we end up getting a full-length trailer to get us ready for October.

Stranger Things Season 2 Instagram Clues