Despite all of the horror movies and everything else coming out this Halloween season, perhaps nothing is more hotly anticipated than Stranger Things season 2. Netflix dominated the pop culture conversation last year with the hit sci-fi series, which has led to an intense demand for new episodes. But it's also put an immense amount of pressure on the new season to deliver. So how'd Netflix manage? According to the first round of reviews, fans have nothing to worry about. Here's what Variety's review had to say about Strangers Things season 2.

"The show's core cast remains an extremely versatile and effective ensemble, and once the story kicks into a higher gear about halfway through the nine-episode season, a lot of the old magic returns."

The first wave of reviews for Stranger Things season 2 are overwhelmingly positive. The show's highly-anticipated second season has a 95 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 22 reviews counted. In fact, as of this writing, there's only a single negative review, courtesy of Vanity Fair, which states the show, "plays like a lukewarm rehash, with a bit more red meat thrown in to cover up the mustiness. It's a classic sequel form, really." However, that's the outlying opinion so far. Collider's review says the second season is a great blend of what we love with some new stuff thrown in the mix.

"The Duffers have managed to recapture what made Season 1 so good while still moving the story forward in necessary ways, with a smartly written and cleverly-plotted script. Like that first season, not everything works perfectly, but its cumulative effect is one that is again joyous, emotional, satisfyingly spooky, and most of all, makes us care deeply about the fates of these outsiders who band together as heroes."

Netflix has been known to take long breaks between seasons with certain shows, but they were sure to get Stranger Things Season 2 into production as quickly as possible. Not only because fans were hungry for more, but because the show features a young cast and they're going to grow up fast. There's a ticking clock on Stranger Things and Netflix wants to get as much out of the hit series as they can. Though, those hoping that this season will wrap everything up in a nice, neat package need to be aware that probably won't be the case. Here's what Den of Geek had to say in their review.

"The moments of horror will induce screams, the tender scenes will elicit tears, and the sense of fun in the carefree '80s remains strong. And of course, the ending will give viewers plenty of puzzles and hanging threads to discuss endlessly."

Stranger Things season 2 arrives on Netflix on October 27, just in time for the Halloween weekend. Those looking forward to the new run of episodes, fortunately, don't seem to have anything to worry about. If you want to check out some more of the early reviews, you can head over to Rotten Tomatoes.