Netflix is certainly on a roll with all of the posters that they have been releasing to promote Stranger Things Season 2. Over the last few weeks we have seen retro posters paying homage to iconic movies of the 1980s that inspired the hit show and now we're getting our first look at 12 brand new character posters that feature the heroes of Hawkins. In addition to the 10 returning stars from the first season, we also get a look at two new characters.

The new posters come to us via the official Stranger Things Twitter account and they appear to have a retro look like the other posters that we have seen for the show. Each of the 12 posters focuses on a character from the show and they all have a pinkish hue to them with the phrase, "It only gets stranger..." across each poster. Keeping with the retro vibe, the posters look like they were folded into fours with crease marks going across the entire image, which suggests that the posters, if real, would have been folded and shipped to theaters in the 80s, as they often were.

The posters also show off the two new mystery characters, siblings Billy and Max. Not much is known about the siblings in regard to the plot of Stranger Things Season 2, but we do know that they come from a difficult past as well as some superficial knowledge about them. Max is "tough and confident", but her appearance, behavior, and interests are more in line with boys than of girls in her story. Because of her difficult relationship with her stepbrother, Billy, she has grown protective of her past and generally suspicious of those around her. She's also said to be good on a skateboard, which she uses to get around pretty much everywhere. Billy often treats Max in a demanding, controlling way.

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Billy on the other hand, seems like the quintessential 80s villain/bro. Billy is said to be "captivating and edgy", with a violent and unpredictable nature only revealed to those closest to him, especially those of a younger age. His personality leads to rumors that he killed someone at a previous school. He drives a black Camaro (duh), steals peoples' girlfriends, and is a drinking-game pro. Basically Billy is the perfect 80s dude with a dark past who also treats his sister like crap.

Stranger Things Season 2 is all set to roll out on October 27th, 2017 exclusively for Netflix subscribers, which is definitely going to spawn more than one Halloween party this year and just might have some fans calling in sick on October 28th to finish binge watching all 9 new episodes. One thing is for certain; October 27th can't get here soon enough. The all-new Stranger Things episodes will take place around Halloween in 1984 and will see the characters trying to get back to normal life after the traumatic events of the last year. It was recently confirmed that Stranger Things Season 3 is happening as well. With everything to wrap up in Stranger Things Season 4. You can check out the 12 new posters for Stranger Things Season 2 below.

<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 1
<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 2
<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 3
<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 4
<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 5
<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> - Season 2 photo 6
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