It's been a big week for fans of Netflix's Stranger Things, with the streaming service releasing the first Stranger Things Season 2 trailer, along with a new EW cover, photos and much more. Today we have even more details about this highly-anticipated season, with series co-creator Matt Duffer revealing that the show went to some interesting lengths to protect various spoilers from leaking out. Some of these tactics include releasing the season's titles early, some of which will be changed.

You may recall that the Netflix streaming service finally issued a Season 2 renewal for Stranger Things at the end of August, while revealing the titles for each of the nine episodes this season, with this season spanning one episode longer than the eight-episode first season. The episode titles revealed were Madmax, The Boy Who Came Back To Life, The Pumpkin Patch, The Palace, The Storm, The Pollywog, The Secret Cabin, The Brain and The Lost Brother. During a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, series co-creator Matt Duffer revealed that some fans have already figured out spoilers just from the titles alone, and that some of them will actually change. Here's what he had to say below.

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"Some of them are changing. Some of them we didn't put because these people are smart on the f-ing internet. You've seen it with Westworld, they figured it out! I've seen videos analyzing the chapter titles and they're right on a lot."

Ross Duffer also added that they had been writing the episodes for Season 2 all summer, and when they released the episode titles, they had already known, "everything major that was going to happen moving into season 2." Yesterday we also saw a new photo featuring the Stranger Things kids, Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) and Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween, while learning that not only will the new season debut on Halloween, but the storyline kicks off on Halloween as well. Matt Duffer also teased that Will Byers (Noah Schapp) will start seeing "visions" from the Upside Down, which ties into his character coughing up a slug from the Upside Down at the very end of Season 1.

We reported a few months ago that one of the many new cast members this season will be Sean Astin, who plays Bob Newby, a former high school classmate of both Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) who manages the local Radio Shack. Just a few weeks ago, David Harbour revealed that Joyce is actually dating Bob, which Sheriff Hopper isn't terribly happy about, causing a bit of a love triangle between this adult trio. Other new cast members include Paul Reiser, Brett Gelman, Linnea Berthelsen, Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink. Production is still under way on Stranger Things Season 2, so it remains unclear when the next batch of footage will be released.