One of the biggest phenomenons from Stranger Things Season 2 was the now-iconic purple hoodie from the Science Museum of Minnesota, worn by Gaten Matarazzo's Dustin Henderson, which featured a Brontosaurus (a.k.a. "Thunder Lizard"). The hooded sweatshirt caused such a stir online that the Science Museum of Minnesota started re-selling them, which had enough demand that it crashed the museum's website in November. Now the Museum is teaming up with another Minnesota institution, Target, which will sell the hoodies in their stores starting later this month.

This unisex hoodie will be available in sizes between XS and XXL in roughly 1,400 of Target's 1,800 stores, although they will not be available for purchase online at Target's website. Kim Ramsden, a spokesperson for the Science Museum of Minnesota, confirmed that the hoodies sold at Target will be identical to the ones still sold in the museum's gift shop and on their official website, although the inside tag will say Target on it. A portion of the hoodie's sales will go back to the Science Museum of Minnesota and its various educational programs. Here's what Kim Ramsden had to say in a brief statement about the "Thunder Lizard" hoodies.

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"We're thrilled because it's a way to continue to support the mission of the museum by seeing more 'Thunder Lizard' apparel out there and boost awareness of the museum across the country. We're grateful for the partnership. They're a Minnesota company and we're a Minnesota museum."

After Season 2 premiered on Halloween last year, the Science Museum of Minnesota wanted to capitalize on all of the online demand for these hoodies, with Ramden adding that the Museum reached out to Target in October for advice since they don't have much of an e-commerce footprint. Ramden added that Target has always been a big supporter of the Science Museum, with Target executives previously sitting on the museum's board in the past. The museum ultimately set up shop on their own, with a Wisconsin printing company putting the design on purple hooded sweatshirts and selling them through Shopify. The first day that the hoodies went on sale, the website crashed due to incredible demand.

Ramden also confirmed that the museum has sold 30,000 hoodies since November, which equates to roughly $1 million in sales, equivalent to roughly an entire year of sales at the museum's gift shop, which sells science experiments, rock candy, astronaut ice cream and several other assorted items. The museum is now exploring ideas for new programs with this influx of cash. While fans won't be able to buy the shirts on the Target website, fans still can buy the hoodies, and t-shirts as well, on the Science Museum of Minnesota's official website.

Target also announced that, along with this Thunder Lizard hoodie, they are also releasing a new collection of Stranger Things apparrel for both men and women, which will be launched in a few weeks as everyone waits for Season 3. Unlike the Thunder Lizard hoodie, the rest of this Target-exclusive gear will be available both in stores and online, priced between $12.99 and $24.99. The original Thunder Lizard hoodie debuted at the Science Museum of Minnesota in the mid-1980s, according to Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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