<strong><em>Stranger Things</em></strong> cast

- The Duffers had all the boys audition with scenes from Stand By Me.

- To help sell the show, the Duffers created a "look book" which was designed in the style of a vintage Stephen King novel.

- Although the show was shot digitally on the RED Dragon, a layer of real film grain was applied to help achieve a more vintage look.

- It was Caleb's request to wear a camouflage bandana in the show; he wears it for the final three episodes.

- The monster was achieved through a combination of prosthetics, animatronics, performance, and CG.

- The toddlers on set were very scared by the "monster," but they were calmed when told that he was just like the monsters in Monsters, Inc.

- To get Millie to float in a kiddie pool, twelve hundred pounds of epsom salt were dissolved into the water.