With Season 2 of Stranger Things currently streaming on Netflix, the fine folks at Screen Junkies decided it was the perfect time to unveil their Honest Trailer for the series. If you still haven't binge-watched the second season yet, don't worry, because, aside from a few cryptic asides, this seven-minute trailer exclusively tackles the first season. The video starts by comparing Stranger Things creators Ross and Matt Duffer to Quentin Tarantino, since they also pay homage to and reference several films throughout their work. The only difference is, the Duffers are referencing films most people have seen before, as opposed to Tarantino, who is more influenced by more obscure films, as referenced in a side-by-shot of Reservoir Dogs' classic warehouse showdown scene, which was quite similar to a shot from the 1987 Hong Kong classic City on Fire, starring Chow Yun Fat. If that wasn't enough, along with the Honest Trailer, we also have a hilarious spoof spin-off, courtesy of the stars of the real 1980s hit series Perfect Strangers.

The Honest Trailer begins by nailing a big part of what has made the show so popular, attracting those who grew up in the 1980s who loved Steven Spielberg and "most of Stephen King," but now that you're all grown up, you realize the real world is terrible. This makes the small town of Hawkins, Indiana an ideal place to "escape" to in Stranger Things. The Honest Trailer narrator also pokes fun at the fact that no one in this small town seems to pay any mind to the gigantic top-secret laboratory in their town, despite hundreds of employees working there. This trailer also makes an eerily accurate comparison between the show and the 2009 R-rated comedy The Hangover, since each features a character disappearing, another character missing teeth, another who is cool and skeptical with the final character, "a dangerous liability to the rest of the group."

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The narrator goes on to break down some of the other characters, including the fan-favorite Barb (Shannon Purser), who the narrator claims is, "the most talked about character with the least screen time since Boba Fett," which is actually quite accurate since Barb's Death and Boba Fett are still talked about regularly to this day. The narrator goes on to add that he gets why she became so popular, but he also makes a case for Benny, the restaurant owner who took in Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) at the beginning of the series, and was killed for his trouble. The actor who played Benny, Chris Sullivan, went on to star in the hit NBC series This Is Us, and also played the Ravager known as Taserface in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The trailer goes on to poke fun at the Upside Down, and the multitude of ways that one can access this mysterious place, and the Demogorgon, whose powers aren't exactly "consistent" throughout the season. The trailer also includes side-by-side shots of the show and the 1980s movie scenes that they were blatantly lifted from, such as numerous E.T. scenes, the strikingly similar police truck scene from Jaws, along with other scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Stand By Me, An American Werewolf in London. Several of these scenes, and many more, were pointed out in a five-minute video that debuted last July, which included other 1980s movie scenes from Commando, Firestarter, The Goonies and many, many more.

If this Honest Trailer wasn't enough, Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to have some fun with Stranger Things' 1980s concept by bringing back two 1980s sitcom stars, Bronson Pinchot and Mark-Linn Baker from Perfect Strangers, for a spin-off, aptly titled Perfect Stranger Things. The spin-off begins with Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot) telling his cousin, Larry Appleton (Mark-Linn Baker), that his, "sister's cousin's dog's nephew" needs a place to stay, and it turns out to be the Demogorgon. Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo and Finn Wolfhard also appear in this sketch, with the Demogorgon played by a surprise guest. Take a look at the Honest Trailer, courtesy of Screen Junkies YouTube, along with the new parody from Jimmy Kimmel Live.