Funko is definitely best known for their Pop! vinyl, large headed figures, but now they've made action figures for Netflix's wildly popular Stranger Things series and they're pretty cool looking. This isn't Funko's first foray into the world of action figures. The toy company also has a popular set of DC heroes that are Batman toys modeled after the 1960's television show. In addition to the action figures, Funko has also unveiled two Stranger Things Pop! toys that will be 2017 San Diego Comic Con exclusives that are sure to sell out rapidly.

Set to coincide with the release date of Stranger Things Season 2, Funko has announced that the 3-¾ inch action figures will be sold in sets of three figures. The first set contains Mike, Eleven, and Lucas while the other set contains Will, Dustin, and the evil Demgorgon. The figures are all fully articulated and each one comes with a prop that is unique to their character. Eleven of course has some Eggo Waffles and the rest of the team come with walkie-talkies and weapons. The action figures will be available sometime in August and it's unclear if they are limited edition at this time.

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Just in time for Comic Con, Funko has also announced its annual limited edition Pop! toys that will be available only at the convention or for insane prices on the secondary market. Stranger Things will get a Steve Pop! complete with a bat that has nails in it in addition to a bloody nose and that wonderfully terrible 80s hairdo. If that's not enough for you, how about a Mr. Clarke Pop!? because that's exactly the what Funko did and he comes with his paper plate illustration. Also available as SDCC exclusives are a Twin Peaks two-pack of Black Lodge Cooper and Black Lodge Laura, and The Walking Dead's T-Dog.

Elsewhere in Stranger Things news it's being reported that season 2 is going to be a lot creepier than the first season, which is hard to imagine. Series executive producer Shawn Levy spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and mentioned that Stranger Things Season 2 is "going to make the Demogorgon look quaint." He went on to say that he's been sitting in on editing sessions and that the season 2 is definitely darker than the first. Levy also shared that the series has made decisions that "fans will be disappointed in, but I think they will be more satisfied by." It's unclear what Levy means by disappointing decisions, but we'll find out soon enough.

Stranger Things hype is about ready to get into full swing. Hopefully in addition to the new Funko toys we'll get a tease of what season 2 will look like at SDCC. There has not been any official announcements, but it seems impossible that there would not be some kind of sneak peek into Stranger Things Season 2 at the convention halls in a few weeks. Regardless, excitement is high for just about anything having to do with the hit series. Check out the action figures and exclusive Pop! toys below.