Will Byers needs psychiatric help. At least that's the diagnosis Dustin gives him in the new animated holiday special 'Merry Christmas Will Byers'. It's the Stranger Things and Peanuts crossover you didn't know you needed. And it's awesome.

Will Byers takes on the persona of the always depressed Charlie Brown, having just escaped the Upside Down only to spit up slugs in the snow. Now, Will is struggling with a serious case of anxiety following his bout with the deadly Demogorgon. And he's a little ill prepared for an 80s Christmas. Taking Dustin's advice, he sets off to find a cure.

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Sitting behind the Psychiatric kiosk is none other than Eleven herself, who is still charging just five cents for her knowledge. She also has a few spare Eggos to help along with the diagnose. This fun animated video was created by Youtube user OnlyLeigh, who delves deep into Will's unhappiness. Something we're sure will be addressed when Stranger Things Season 2 debuts next summer.

Will goes from friend to friend looking for advice, and as it turns out, Eleven, who may have created the Upside Down with her mind, isn't much help. Though, she is a pretty good listener. Lucas suggests that Will talk to his mom about the situation. Especially since she knows a thing or two about emotional distress. Of course we don't actually get to see Joyce Byers, but we do get to hear the traditional Peanuts' 'Mwa-Mwa-Mwa' adult sound effect in her place.

Up next is Mike, who is way to busy taking on the Schroeder role as he bangs out the Stranger Things theme song on his piano. This does nothing to aid his friend's discomfort. It only helps add to the confusion. And then, taking Snoopy's place, is a cute little Demogorgon.

At the end of the day, Will Byers learns that the only way to be truly happy is to surround oneself with loved ones. And considering the whole town came together to save him, Will Byers is actually quite the special boy. Now, as for Barb, we all now she didn't far so well. As we see at the end of 'Merry Christmas Will Byers', no one came looking for her. She does, however, get the most iconic line in this whole short. Take a look courtesy of Youtube.