FX has released a unique new video that offers a unique tease for the final season of the hit series The Strain. While the video doesn't feature any actual footage from the show, the video serves as an advertisement for a new organization known as The Partnership, which tries to get citizens to donate blood. According to this mystery character in the viral video, who reveals that her blood type is B-positive, donating blood to The Partnership will "ensure that everyone can live healthy productive lives." While the video itself seems innocent enough, there is some unique video static, which seems to hint that this character may not even be human.

The video recently debuted on the FX YouTube channel, which at first seems to be a relatively harmless advertisement for The Partnership, although nothing is really known about this organization, or who is behind it, but the video teases that this young woman may actually be an undead creature in disguise. Perhaps this organization known as The Partnership is trying to trick healthy humans into donating blood, when they're really being turned into the undead. As of now, that's only speculation, but since this is the first we've heard of The Partnership, there isn't much else to go on as of yet.

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Last season on The Strain, the very survival of humanity at stake. New York City served as a battleground. Written off by the federal government, the people of New York were on their own in the ultimate showdown between humans and strigoi vampires. Our heroes win victories, but are not winning the war. Beset by personal conflicts betrayal, disappointment, paranoia, our group is splintering. Meanwhile, the Master is close to executing an irreversible transformation of the world. Is there still hope to save the city and humanity? The Season 3 finale ended with Ephraim Goodweather's (Corey Stoll) son Zach (Max Charles) causing a nuclear blast in New York City, which will surely have a huge impact on the final season.

The series stars Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Natalie Brown, Miguel Gomez, Max Charles, Ruta Gedmintas, Rupert Penry-Jones, Samantha Mathis and Joaquin Cosio. New cast members include Jocelyn Hudon, who has a multi-episode arc in the final season as Abby, a young woman in grave danger, who must use every tool in her arsenal to survive. Jess Salgueiro also has a recurring role as Rosalinda, a tough young lady who has been held captive in a mysterious experimental medical ward, along with K.C. Collins as Roman, who tries to help the main characters survive.

The Strain, based off of the best-selling The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, hails from Showrunner/Executive Producer/Director/Writer Carlton Cuse along with Co-Creators/Executive Producers/Writers del Toro and Hogan. Gary Ungar, J. Miles Dale, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle also serve as Executive Producers. The Strain is produced by FX Productions. FX hasn't announced an exact premiere date for The Strain's final season yet, but until then, take a look at this unique trailer below.