Known as one of the best wrestling superstars of all time, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin will soon have his very own talk show. Set to air on Aug. 12 on the USA network, the series will be called Straight Up Steve Austin. The freshman season will begin with seven episodes, and the show will presumably go beyond that if the show proves to be a success. On the show, Austin will go on adventures and have special interviews with a variety of celebrities, including athletes, artists, and comedians. So far, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., country singer Trace Adkins, and stand-up legend Gabriel Iglesias have all been confirmed to appear.

Although he's best known as a pro wrestler, Austin has plenty of television hosting experience as well. From 2012 to 2016, he hosted the CMT competition reality series Redneck Island, which ran for five seasons. On the same network, he also began hosting the show Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge in 2014. Like Redneck Island, the reality competition series also ran for five seasons, completing its run in 2017. Additionally, Austin served as the host of WWE's Tough Enough series in 2011, which saw aspiring wrestlers competing for a WWE contract. Hosting an actual televised talk show will be some new ground for Austin to sink his teeth into, however.

Stone Cold Steve Austin also has plenty of on-screen experience as an actor. He began appearing in Hollywood movies starting with the 2005 comedy The Longest Yard in an antagonist role. He got his first lead role two years later with the action movie The Condemned, focusing on a group of ten convicts forced to battle to the death. Over the coming years, Austin would appear in other notable movies, including The Expendables, Maximum Conviction, and Grown Ups 2. The wrestler has made many various appearances on television shows as well, including stints on Celebrity Deathmatch, The Bernie Mac Show, and Chuck.

Since hanging up the WWE wrestling boots, Austin has devoted a lot of time to enlightening fans on his career with his own podcast. Called The Steve Austin Show, the podcast has been active since 2014 with new episodes releasing regularly on PodcastOne. On the show, Austin gets very candid about his time spent in the wrestling business, elaborating on how events occurred behind the scenes from his own point of view. The show has since transitioned into having a live version for the WWE Network as well, debuting a special episode each month. Certainly, this experience will carry over well into hosting a weekly television program.

Undeniably, Austin is a phenomenal entertainer, whether he's in the wrestling ring or not. Given his experience hosting television programs and his reputation as a legitimate tough guy, a new talk show starring Stone Cold is bound to be interesting. We'll find out this summer, when Straight Up Steve Austin airs on the USA network on Aug. 12 at 11/10c, following WWE Monday Night Raw. This information comes to us from The USA Network.