While Stormy Daniels couldn't say much about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she did say that she did not authorize a statement that went out to news outlets earlier that day denying her 2006 affair with Trump.


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Jimmy Kimmel asked the actress about the statement, and she was tight-lipped at first. Until Kimmel noticed that the signature on the so-called official statement was not hers. It was then that Daniels revealed that it wasn't her statement.

It's not clear where the statement originated from, but it came right before the Kimmel interview was supposed to take place as well as right before Donald Trump's first-ever State of the Union Address. Pretty convenient timing, to say the least.

Throughout the show, Jimmy Kimmel tried to get Stormy Daniels to open up about the alleged affair with Donald Trump but was unable to due to her signing of a non-disclosure agreement that she signed in 2016 after Trump allegedly paid her off with $130,000.

While she couldn't talk about the alleged incident, Jimmy Kimmel was able to get her to play an uncomfortable game of Never Have I Ever where she did everything except verbally say that the affair took place.