And you thought The Aquabats! Super Show! was going to be the best thing heading into new TV this coming spring. Wait up! Hold the phone! A day after The Hub debuts this poppy new venture in superhero monster battles and a burger rain the likes of which we've never seen, VH-1 has decided to drop their own stealth bomb on an unsuspecting public with the new pop cultural-smashing sketch series Stevie TV. Stevie Ryan is proving to be a powerful new force in comedy, one that just might usurp Kaitlin Olson from her throne as funniest person currently working on TV. You don't know Stevie just yet (unless you are one of her many online fans), but to help with the introductions, we have a new piece of promo art touting Stevie TV Season 1's VH-1 debut on March 4th with Episode 1.01. Check out Sparkle Finger below. And try not to be intimidated.

Stevie TV Promo Art