Cartoon Network has revealed that Steven Universe: The Movie will debut this fall. The network initially announced their plans to make a movie centered on The Crystal Gems during San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Since then, there have been virtually no updates on the project, but we finally know, at the very least, roughly when we can expect to see it. But the real question is, will this be the end for Steven Universe as we know it? Or just another epic chapter in the ongoing saga?

The Steven Universe season 5 finale recently aired on Cartoon Network. As a surprise, they aired the same teaser that was shown to fans at SDCC last year. Only this time, they included a message stating that the movie will be coming this fall. Unfortunately, they didn't get more specific than that. Though, we now know it will be coming within the 2019 calendar year. However, there hasn't been any confirmation that season 6 will be happening. So is it possible that the movie will serve as a series finale as well?

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Series creator Rebecca Sugar has talked a bit on the topic in the past, but for the most part has been quiet about it. Sugar did, however, get to bring a groundbreaking storyline to the series last year when the same-sex marriage between characters Ruby and Sapphire took place. Sugar, herself, has come out as bisexual and non-binary and is a major proponent of the LGBTQ community. When asked whether or not the movie would serve as a conclusion to the series following the Reunited episode last year, Sugar was very cagey, but expressed nothing but gratitude for getting to tell this story her way.

"I can't say, but we definitely got over the hurdle of this particular [situation]. I feel very free. I feel that I've been able to tell the story I wanted to tell and I've been able to tell it without keeping this a secret. If I had had to continue keeping this a secret, I don't know how I would have continued to go on 'cause it was so impossible to dodge such a personal question over and over again about why I wanted to do this story, if I was doing it at all."

Steven Universe centers on the Crystal Gems, a team of magical beings who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe. Steven, the half-hero, half-gem hero is the little brother of the group who is learning to save the world, using magical powers that come from his bellybutton. He goes on magical adventures with the rest of his Crystal Gems cohorts, despite the fact that he's not as powerful or smart as fellow members Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Shortcomings aside, Steven almost always finds a way to save the day.

Over the last season, the series has been delivering epic one-hour episodes, with the season 5 finale being an example. One can only imagine how epic things will get in a full-length movie. And if it is indeed going to serve as the finale, they're sure to deliver something very memorable. We'll be sure to keep you posted as Cartoon Network offers up more details, such as a full-length trailer or exact premiere date.