Jon Favreau's Star Wars live-action TV series is getting ready to start filming, as evidenced by set photos. It's believed that the mysterious new show will begin filming next week, which means that we should be getting some casting information and at least a brief storyline very soon. Little has been revealed about Favreau's series, except that it takes place after the Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens, which doesn't really say too much.

The exact location of the set photographs from Jon Favreau's Star Wars Live-Action TV Show is unknown, but it looks like the set could be a recreation of Tatooine, with similar architecture and a sandy ground. Jon Favreau can be seen in one of the photos as well, but there really isn't a whole lot of information to gather from the shots. The sets have been designed by The Jungle Book production designers Doug Chiang and Andrew L. Jones and they look like they belong in the world of Star Wars.


It has been rumored that the Star Wars Live-Action Show will take place on planet Mandalore, three years after the fall of the Empire. The planet is in turmoil, leading to different factions of Mandalorian society, who have different points of views about moving forward, as shown in The Clone Wars and Rebels. The rumor about Jon Favreau's series gets more interesting since Disney and Lucasfilm have recently announced that the The Clone Wars series is coming back. However, we haven't even seen who is cast in the show yet, so it's really anybody's guess at this point as to what the show will be about.


Jon Favreau is executive producing and writing the Star Wars Live-Action Show, and it is thought that he will direct some of the episodes, with others coming on board to helm the rest. Disney and Lucasfilm have done a really good job at keeping the show under the radar, which isn't rare, but it's pretty amazing that sets have already been built and there hasn't been a cast announcement yet. With the success of Rebels and The Clone Wars, a live-action series should be welcomed by Star Wars fans. The show is set to debut on Disney's streaming channel

It had been previously reported that the Star Wars series would begin production this fall, and it looks like cameras are going to begin rolling next week, possibly even as early as Monday. If production is set to begin that soon, we should at the very least get a title and cast announcement early in the week. Again, this has not been confirmed, but those sets sure look like they're ready to get going pretty quickly. You can check out some of the set photos, as well as a shot of Jon Favreau below, thanks to Making Star Wars.