Disney Channel has released a new poster for Star Wars Resistance. This new animated series follows in the footsteps of Star Wars Rebels, which wrapped up its four-season run earlier this year and managed to be a great source of storytelling within a galaxy far, far away. This new series is going to be quite different in more ways than one, as evidenced by this latest poster. The animation style, characters and timeline are all new for this latest animated Star Wars endeavor.

This new poster features the familiar BB-8 rolling out in front, with four of the new characters who are young members of The Resistance that we'll be following during course of this new series. Kazuda Xiono, or Kaz, is proudly out in front. The character will be voiced by Christopher Sean and looks to be the protagonist in Star Wars: Resistance. The gang is on a flight deck with several new ships flying overhead. The poster also serves as a nice representation of the new animation style that Lucasfilm implemented for the series.

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Unlike previous animated Star Wars shows, this is going to take place in the events following Return of the Jedi and will serve as a prequel to The Force Awakens. One of the best things it has going for it is that Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie are both reprising their roles as Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma, respectively. More Poe is never a bad thing and Phasma has been criminally underused in the movies, so having some more of her thrown in here could be very good.

In the debut episode of Star Wars: Resistance, titled The Recruit, Poe and BB-8 are going to send Kaz, a newly-appointed spy, to a huge aircraft re-fueling platform called Colossus, which resides on an outer rim water planet, which doesn't have a name at this time. Kaz will work undercover as a mechanic, living with Poe's old friend Yeager, a veteran pilot who operates a starship repair shop with his crew: Tam, Neeku, and their astromech droid, Bucket. But Kaz is going to run into trouble with BB-8 having to compete in dangerous sky races while avoiding the First Order and keeping his mission a secret.

Dave Filoni, the creative mind behind The Clone Wars and Rebels, is also behind this new series. Athena Portillo, Justin Ridge, and Brandon Auman serve as executive producers, with Amy Beth Christenson on board as art director. The cast also includes Suzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora, Scott Lawrence as Jarek Yeager, Myrna Velasco as Torra Doza, Josh Brener as Neeku Vozo, Donald Faison as Hype Fazon, Jim Rash and Bobby Moynihan as Flix and Orka, and Rachel Butera as Leia Organa. Star Wars: Resistance doubts with an hour-long episode on Disney Channel on October 7. Be sure to check out the new poster from the Disney Channel Twitter account for yourself below.