Disney has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Resistance, which shows off the exciting tone of the series and the new animation style that is unlike any other style of animation we've seen from a Star Wars series. Along with the trailer, Disney has also revealed that the series will premiere on Sunday, October 7th.

After the finale of Star Wars Rebels earlier this year, a number of fans were curious to see what would come next. Their questions were soon answered with the announcement of Star Wars Resistance, which will be similar to Rebels, but will instead focus on the Resistance during the days before The Force Awakens. The series will more than likely show how the First Order came into power, and is confirmed to put a bit of focus on Poe Dameron, who looks as though he will be the mentor figure to the show's main hero Kaz.

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The series will feature two Star Wars stars who have appeared in the sequel trilogy. Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie will be voicing Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma respectively. The series will also feature a few other prominent actors in its voice cast, including Saturday Night Live veteran and avid Star Wars fan Bobby Moynihan.

The animation style of Star Wars Resistance is unlike the previous two animated Star Wars series, which used 3D animation. Instead, Resistance has a bright 2D animation style that is incredibly similar to anime. This is more than likely an attempt to draw in anime fans to this series, in addition to allowing the series to use some of anime's visually appealing styles of action. Whereas The Clone Wars and Rebels had a realistic animation style, Resistance looks as though it will be more surreal, which will make it stand out from anything else we have seen come out of the galaxy far far away.

The trailer put a lot of emphasis on Kaz, the young Resistance rookie as he adjusts to the life of a resistance soldier. Based on what we saw, Kaz will be working closely with BB-8, one of the most beloved new characters of the sequel trilogy. Poe also appeared briefly, giving Kaz his orders. Based on what we have seen briefly of Poe, he will more than likely end up having a role similar to Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars Rebels, serving as a mentor who sticks around for the entire series, but doesn't necessarily go on all of the adventures with the hero. The trailer also gave a brief look at Captain Phasma, a character that many Star Wars fans have wanted to see more of.

Based on the one minute of footage released so far, we can already tell that Star Wars fans are in for a treat. This latest Star Wars series from Disney looks exciting and visually appealing, and will more than likely answer a number of questions that Star Wars fans have wanted answered since the release of The Force Awakens. You can see the early adventures of the Resistance heroes when Star Wars Resistance releases on Disney Channel on October 7th, 2018.