Star Wars Rebels is sadly coming to a close, but we still have one more entire season to look forward to, which will help close the gap between the prequels and the original trilogy. Star Wars Rebels season 4 is set to premiere on Disney XD in a little less than a month and fans who are eager to see how the excellent animated series finishes out are in luck. Disney and Lucasfilm have unveiled some of the upcoming episode titles, as well as revealing that many of them will air back-to-back, at least for the first half of the season.

The official Star Wars website revealed the episode titles for the first half of Star Wars Rebels season 4, as well as what nights the episodes will air. The site also reveals that, following the episode Rebel Assault on November 13, the show will take a brief holiday break. The second half of Star Wars Rebels' final season will return in 2018, meaning that the series will wrap up next year. There had been some speculation that the show would conclude prior to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, possibly because of a tie-in of some sort, but that won't be the case.


The first few seasons of Star Wars Rebels have proved to be some of the finest storytelling in a galaxy far, far away since Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012. Heading into season 4, there is a lot to look forward to. We still have Thrawn to deal with and there is definitely going to be some connections to Rogue One, even though the series won't retell the events of that movie from a different perspective. We will also be seeing the return of Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma, in addition to seeing if Ezra Bridger winds up going to the Dark Side.

Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dave Filoni created Star Wars Rebels and has asserted himself as one of the great creative minds guiding Star Wars storytelling in the new age. Between this series and his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he has proved he knows this universe incredibly well. Star Wars Rebels' voice cast includes Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan, Vanessa Marshall as Hera, Steve Blum as Zeb, Tiya Sircar as Sabine, Taylor Gray as Ezra, Dee Bradley Baker as Captain Rex, David Oyelowo as Kallus, and Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn. This season will also see Warwick Davis join the cast as Rukh, Admiral Thrawn's trusty, deadly assassin.


In addition to multiple episodes debuting at once during the course of Star Wars Rebels season 4, they will also air at multiple times every Monday. New episodes will have five airings throughout the day at 12:30 a.m. ET/PT, 3:00 a.m. ET/PT, 7:30 a.m. ET/PT, 5:30 p.m. ET/PT, and 9:00 p.m. ET/P. So you will have plenty of chances to catch the new episodes and fit the show into your schedule. Lucasfilm also promises that the series finale is "top-secret" at this point, so don't expect to have the title revealed until much later. You can check out all of the Star Wars Rebels season 4 titles for yourself below.


Monday, 10/16 - Heroes of Mandalore Parts 1 and 2

Monday, 10/23 - In the Name of the Rebellion Parts 1 and 2

Monday, 10/30 - The Occupation and Flight of the Defender

Monday, 11/6 - Kindred and Crawler Commandeers

Monday, 11/13 - Rebel Assault