Star Wars Rebels has a second lackluster episode in a row with The Wynkahthu Job. This is fairly disappointing since the beginning of the season had been so strong. Hondo (Jim Cummings), the duplicitous pirate, and Azmorigan (James Hong), the slovenly trader, reappear in the Imperial shuttle stolen from the Y-Wing heist. These characters are entertaining, but certainly didn't amount to much this week.

The Wynkahthu Job opens with the Ghost docked to Hondo's shuttle in space, now garishly painted to match his obnoxious style. Ezra (Taylor Gray) has arranged the meeting because Honda has an opportunity they can't pass up. Hera (Vanessa Marshall) is furious to see that Azmorigan is Hondo's partner. He makes it worse by commenting that he still technically owns her. This is in reference to when she was sold to him by Lando Calrissian.

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Honda informs them of an abandoned Imperial freighter loaded with captured treasure and proton bombs. The problem is that the ship is stuck in an atmospheric storm in the stratosphere of Wynkahthu. Sabine (Tiya Sircar) asks Hondo why he needs their help. He dodges the question by feigning praise on the crew's abilities. Hera despises them, but can't pass up the proton bombs. She puts Zeb (Steve Blum) in charge of the mission, much to Ezra's surprise. Another past character shows up when Hera tasks the formal Imperial droid, AP-5 (Stephen Stanton), to plan the mission. As Ezra sulks, Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) comments that it's time that his padawan learned that Hondo is not the friend he thinks he is.

The Ghost descends into the turbulent atmosphere of Wynkahthu. Zeb, Ezra, Hondo and Chopper get ready to leave when Azmorigan demands to come along. Honda laughs at his fat partner, but Azmorigan has the ship manifest. The team boards the dark ship. Azmorigan swears he sees something scurrying about. Suddenly Hondo is attacked by a furious Ugnaught, Melch (Dee Bradley Baker), from his crew. It turns out Honda had attempted to take the ship before and left poor Melch stranded. Hondo makes amends by promising to raise Melch's take from 1% to 2%. Zeb is furious at this revelation, but is stopped by Ezra before pummeling Hondo.

They reach the cargo door. Ezra ignores Zeb's orders and cuts a hole before Chopper can open it. Inside are the weapons and cargo as promised. Zeb fires two cables to the Ghost. Honda wants to load treasure first, but Zeb stops him. The proton bombs are the first to be transferred. Hondo and Azmorigan bicker about what to take. Zeb and Ezra ignore them as they continue to load the weapons. A lightning strike hits the ship, shocking Chopper, and destabilizing its position. Hera orders them to finish up and get back immediately.

Zeb notices that Azmorigan has vanished. Hondo, much to Ezra's dismay, has no problem with leaving him behind. Zeb tells them to finish loading and he will find the rotund Jaborgian. The ship starts to burn up in the storm. Ezra now realizes that Zeb is also missing. He radios AP-5 who tells them the ship might have sentry droids on patrol. AP-5 also warns them not to engage the sentries. Ezra meets up with Chopper. They proceed to the brig where Azmorigan and Zeb are imprisoned. They release them and cautiously make their way back to the cargo hold.

They see a sentry droid patrolling nearby. Azmorigan panics, grabs Ezra's blaster, and shoots it. His initial elation turns to terror as the droid emerges unharmed. Suddenly every sentry on the ship activates and swarms them. AP-5 chimes in that he had warned them not to fire or the entire security system would activate. The team races to the hold under heavy fire. They can't close the blast door because Ezra cut a hole in it. Azmorigan and Melch argue about a box of treasure. But agree to split it when they are almost shot. They both jump on containers and zip back to the Ghost. Chopper chirps, every droid for himself, then rockets over to the Ghost.

Zeb and Ezra are left in the cargo as the ship starts to burn up. Hera does her best to lift both ships, but they are out of time. Zeb and Ezra jump on the last cable of bombs, only to have it cut by the sentry droids. They begin to fall, but Zeb grabs it at the last minute. Ezra deflects laser fire with his lightsaber on Zeb's back. Zeb climbs as the ship begins to explode. Kanan pulls them unto the ghost. Then Ezra cuts the last cable. Hondo and Azmorigan open their box to find that Melch had hidden inside. He wasn't going to be left behind once again. They argue over who owns what half of Melch as the ship flies away. The Star Wars Rebels saga continues.

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