Star Wars Rebels season 3 has wasted zero time in getting going, with the first two episodes bringing a lot of action, tension and some beloved blue and red bad guys. This weekend, the third episode of the season will be tackling another famous Star Wars character, who surprisingly was also kind of a bad guy. This episode of Star Wars Rebels will be showing the new backstory for none other than Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles.

During Star Wars Celebration, when the first trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 3 was released, Wedge's appearance this season was teased in a fairly shocking way. In his brief appearance, it looked like he was actually an Imperial Tie Fighter pilot during the Rebel era. A new clip that was uploaded to the Star Wars YouTube channel recently in order to tease the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels confirms that to be the case.

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Prior to this clip being released, it seemed feasible that maybe Wedge Antilles was infiltrating the Imperial fleet or something along those lines. But as we see in the clip, the Empire did actually recruit Wedge to be a Tie Fighter pilot for them at one point. The episode's title, "The Antilles Extraction," is also starting to make more sense, as Sabine appears to be doing the infiltrating in an attempt to recruit Wedge to the Rebellion. We know that Wedge does wind up fighting for the Rebels as an X-Wing pilot, having survived the attacks on both Death Star's in the original Star Wars trilogy, so we can assume the mission is successful. Still, the fact that such an important member of the Rebellion started as an Imperial pilot is pure fascination.

Disney and Lucasfilm have been doing some very interesting things with the Star Wars lore ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012. Though they have only released one live-action movie, other Star Wars media such as the comic books, novels and Star Wars Rebels have really managed to make some bold and interesting choices. Like making a legendary Rebel pilot a member of the Empire, for instance. Star Wars Rebels has also given us some great Darth Vader action, officially made Grand Admiral Thrawn a part of the new canon and is helping to fill the gap between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope.

While this clip may definitely come as a surprise to hardcore Star Wars fans, it will be very fun to see how this all shakes out when "The Antilles Extraction" airs this weekend. Plus, it will be interesting to see how Wedge manages to get himself on the Rebels radar in the first place. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 continues to air this Saturday on Disney XD. Be sure to check out the new clip for yourself below.