We still have a few months to go until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters, but the good news is that Star Wars Rebels is back in a big way. Last week the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 premiere brought us a very dark Ezra Bridger, as well as a certain blue bad guy Star Wars fans have all been waiting quite some time to see on screen. This week, the famed Sith Lord Darth Maul makes his return to Rebels, and we have a new clip to tease his Season 3 arrival in Episode 2.

The clip was uploaded to the Star Wars YouTube channel on Wednesday in anticipation of Saturday's episode of Star Wars Rebels, which will be titled "The Holocrons of Fate." Holocrons have so far played a very big role in Rebels in terms of key plot points, especially in the epic season 2 finale. Now, it seems like Darth Maul has his sights set on Kanan's Holocron. In the clip, he has made his way onto the Ghost and is interrogating Hera as to the whereabouts of said Holocron. In an interesting twist, Maul finds the Holocron and reveals that Kanan apparently stole it from someone or somewhere at some point. We'll have to wait and see how that shakes out.

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Sam Witwer is returning to voice Darth Maul on Star Wars Rebels this season, as he did at the end of season 2. This is also not the first clip that has teased Darth Maul having a bigger role on the show in season 3. During Star Wars Celebration, a clip was also released that showed Darth Maul bringing Kanan and Ezra to his secret base, where he was holding the rest of the Ghost crew captive and was trying to further seduce Ezra to the dark side. At this point, it is unclear if that clip is also from "The Holocrons of Fate" or if it is from a later episode.

Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels kicked off in a really big way last week. The Ghost crew has now been able to establish a secret base on Atollon. Ezra is now in charge, being that Kanan is blind from his last encounter with Darth Maul. Ezra is much more powerful, but he is also starting to use the dark side of the Force much more, which does not bode well for Kanan's young apprentice. But the big, pleasant surprise for Star Wars fans was that Grand Admiral Thrawn made his very grand arrival to Star Wars Rebels. The character had been teased heavily in the first trailer for season 3 and Dave Filoni didn't make us wait very long to see him in action.

It seems like Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will be featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn as the main villain, but Darth Maul seems to be dead set on totally seducing Ezra to the dark side and getting revenge on those who have wronged him. Plus, he seems to have some big plans involving the Holocrons. Star Wars Rebels airs this Saturday on Disney XD. Be sure to check out the new clip for yourself below.