At long last, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Stephen Stanton) makes his appearance on Star Wars Rebels. Twin Suns is the episode we've been waiting for. The climactic battle with Maul (Sam Witwer) and the revelation of his purpose on Tatooine. Epic stuff, told with a more mature focus and execution. I think many fans expected a flashier outcome. My opinion is that it perfectly captures a key moment in Star Wars lore. The show continues to thread everything together.

Twin Suns opens on a scorched desert in Tatooine. Maul trudges across the sand, screaming with madness. He can sense Kenobi's presence, but he cannot find him. Maul strikes upon an idea. He will tempt Kenobi's "noble heart", glancing down at his Sith Holocron.

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On the rebel base at Atollon, Ezra (Taylor Gray) awakens in his bunk. He hears Master Kenobi's voice echoing the warning message sent after Order 66. As Ezra opens Kanan's (Freddie Prinze Jr.) room to look at the hologram, he hears Maul call to him from the shattered Sith Holocron. Ezra knows he is on Tatooine. Kanan walks in behind him, gravely concerned.

Ezra tells the others that he must go to Tatooine to warn Master Kenobi about Maul. Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) says that Kenobi is dead. Bail Organa told them he was killed. Ezra does not believe it. Kanan warns Ezra that Maul is manipulating him. He shouldn't do what Maul wants. Hera (Vanessa Marshall) takes Ezra aside. The rebels are close to attacking the Empire on Lothal. He knows Lothal better than anyone. They need him. Ezra promises to stay.

The following scene, Ezra steals a fighter and flies off into space. He has betrayed his friends, but he must warn Master Kenobi. What Ezra didn't see was Chopper sneaking in behind him. As they drop out of hyperspace above Tatooine, Chopper chirps up in displeasure. Ezra asks him to fly while he uses the holocron pieces to find Kenobi. They light up above a ridge. The fighter lands and they proceed inside a canyon. Ezra sees something glowing red ahead. It is the Sith Holocron with Maul's cackling voice.

Suddenly they are attacked by Tusken Raiders. Chopper rockets out of the shuttle to Ezra. They are pinned down, the fighter taking heavy fire. They hide as it explodes. Above on the ridgeline, Maul kills the Raiders. Ezra crawls out, thinking the explosion scared them off. He and Chopper walk into the desert.

They are caught in a sandstorm. Ezra sees Maul's figure in the distance. He turns around to find that Chopper has lost power. As he collapses, Maul's voice beckons Ezra to "draw him out with your pain". Ezra wakes up by a campfire. Chopper is online and tweets at him. He slowly focuses on a stately figure in old Jedi robes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is stoking the fire. He remarks in his iconic brogue, "You are in the wrong place, Ezra Bridger". He surprises Ezra by telling him he has been aware of Maul's presence from the beginning. That his appearance has made a conflict with Maul assured. Ezra tells him of the holocrons. How Master Kenobi will bring about the Sith's downfall. Obi-Wan says the holocrons tell you what you want to hear. That Ezra's destiny lay with his friends, Maul has tricked him from his path. Ezra is sobered by these words.

Maul screams Kenobi's name from outside the camp. Kenobi, completely unruffled, leads Ezra to a dewback loaded with supplies. Take Chopper, go to the next settlement, and return to Atollon. He will handle Maul. Ezra takes Chopper and leaves without looking back.

Maul approaches Kenobi by the campfire. He mocks his old adversary. Kenobi remarks that Maul's bitterness and vengeance have left him with nothing. Maul wonders why Kenobi is on Tatooine. You have a purpose here. You are protecting someone. Kenobi's brow furrows, he changes to a battle stance. Maul ignites both lightsaber blades. He leaps at Kenobi with his blades spinning. Kenobi blocks him. Then on his second move, cut's Maul's staff in half, with a follow through his chest.

Maul collapses into Kenobi's arms. He asks, "Is he the chosen one?" Kenobi nods yes. Maul whispers, "He will avenge us", before dying. Kenobi closes his eyes. A moment of tenderness for the enemy that killed Qui-Gon Jinn and his beloved Satine. The duel was not an erratic battle of novices. Maul could have not have challenged Kenobi, a Jedi Master, to a fight at this stage. Kenobi would never allow Maul to threaten or reveal Luke's presence. He dispatched him quickly and mercifully.

Twin Suns ends with Ezra returning on a transport to Atollon. He walks into the arms of his worried friends. "We'll never see Maul again." Then apologizes for his behavior. He doesn't tell them about Master Kenobi. Meanwhile on Tatooine, Kenobi rides a dewback into the twilight. He looks as a boy runs towards a very familiar dome-shaped settlement. "Luke, it's time for dinner." The boy replies, "I'm coming Aunt Beru."

Master Kenobi is firmly aware of Ezra and his activities. It's safe to assume, since Yoda gave Ezra the Kyber crystal for his lightsaber, that both Yoda and Kenobi have been watching him. Kenobi hints he knows of Ezra's purpose. I'm a firm believer that Rey is somehow related to Kenobi. His character has so much influence over future events in the saga. The invasion of Lothal and the showdown with Grand Admiral Thrawn culminates Star Wars Rebels Season 3, next week on Disney XD.

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