Slap some paint on our favorite, curmudgeonly astro-mech droid and he easily infiltrates imperial bases. This has been the primary tactic of the rebels. Not this time, the Empire finally wises up against Chopper in Double Agent Droid. The dry and pompous operations droid, AP-5 (Stephen Stanton), is also front and center here. The interactions between them makes for one of the most entertaining episodes of this Star Wars season.

Chopper, AP-5, and Wedge Antilles (Nathan Kress) are disguised in a stolen imperial shuttle. They are off to infiltrate a base at Killan 71. The plan is to steal the Empire's security codes for Lothal. AP-5 reminds everyone that Hera (Vanessa Marshall) left him in charge. Chopper taunts him. The pair go back and forth like children. Wedge sighs with exasperation. Back on the Ghost, Zeb (Steve Blum) and Ezra (Taylor Gray) laugh at Wedge's predicament.

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The shuttle lands at Killan 71. Wedge tells the stormtroopers he is delivering service droids. AP-5 and Chopper get scanned before going through security. AP-5 is surprised they were able to proceed so easily. He doesn't see that Chopper has set off an alert. In space, an imperial scanning ship receives the signal. The main operator (Josh Gad) recognizes Chopper from the security footage. Grand Admiral Thrawn had issued a directive about the droid.

AP-5 abandons Chopper after an argument. He dutifully makes his way to the control room, gains access, and copies the security codes. Chopper, by himself, plugs into the network. The scanning ship sends a signal to take control of his functions. Chopper fights, but is deactivated and put in remote control. The operator will use Chopper to find the location of the rebel base. He ignores an underling's recommendation they inform command

AP-5 returns to find a quiet apologetic Chopper. They return to the shuttle and take off without issue. AP-5 gloats about his success, but is continued to be surprised by Chopper's change in demeanor. He's even more suspicious when Chopper brings Wedge a drink. AP-5 confronts Chopper, who bleeps an imperial code. AP-5 follows Wedge into the bathroom. He tells him that Chopper has been compromised. Wedge ignores AP-5 and kicks him out.

The shuttle rendezvous with the Ghost. AP-5 races to tell Hera and the crew his news about Chopper. No one pays him any mind, Chopper whizzes past them toward the cockpit. As they laugh at AP-5, the ship drops out of hyperspace. Chopper radios Hera that there's an issue in the engine room. Meet him there for repairs. AP-5 comments that it's a mistake for them all to go. He's once again unheeded.

Chopper locks the crew in the cargo bay. He then puts a data spike in the Ghost's terminal to copy the ship's data. The operator decides there's no use for prisoners. He opens the bay doors. Everyone hangs on as Hera presses the manual override. The only way to get access to the ship is from outside. AP-5 is drafted into going on the hull of the ship. As he works on opening the door, Chopper flies out after him, guns blazing.

The operator laughs as AP-5 deflects the blasts with the hatch. He opens the inside doors, but Chopper knocks him off the ship. AP-5 floats away into space. The crew races to the cockpit. Chopper goes to retrieve the data spike, but is intercepted and shocked by Zeb. Hera yanks it out. She stares into Chopper's camera and curses the imperial controllers.

Hera reconnects Chopper to the Ghost. She surmises that scanning ship must have a powerful signal to control Chopper from this far. She sends an overload signal through Chopper back to their ship. Hera then curses them once more for messing with her droid. The scanning ship is shot with the feedback signal. Everything goes haywire. The operator's cybernetic implants short out. The ship overloads into a giant explosion.

On the Ghost, Chopper is brought back online. Hera is overjoyed to see her droid is okay. Everyone surrounds Chopper and celebrates, before realizing AP-5 is not there. In one of the show's funniest endings, AP-5 is in heavenly bliss. He's overjoyed by the calm of space. Luminous space creatures flock to him. He marvels at finally achieving happiness, only to be pulled back unto the Ghost. A dejected AP-5 is thanked by Hera. She will always listen to him in the future. Star Wars Rebels continues season three greatness on Disney XD.

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