We finally get another appearance from Maul (Sam Witwer). The plot does certainly thicken with a long expected reveal from the last encounter with the former Sith Lord. Star Wars Rebels dropped a major clue when Maul and Ezra (Taylor Gray) combined the Sith and Jedi Holocrons. "He's alive" on the "planet with the two suns". Visions and Voices reveals the one who will destroy the Sith.

Phoenix Squadron are on Atollon planning to attack the Empire's factories on Lothal. As Hera (Vanessa Marshall) debriefs the crew, Ezra starts seeing visions of Maul. He hears his voice whispering. Ezra passes out on the holo-projector. He awakens to a very concerned Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and crew. No one else saw Maul, but Ezra claims he's fine. As Sabine (Tiya Sircar) loads proton bombs, Ezra attacks an innocent soldier he thinks is Maul. Kanan grabs him with the force before he kills with his lightsaber.

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Hera is troubled, but Kanan has a plan. He asks Sabine to secretly install a transmitter in Ezra's communicator. Kanan and Ezra then take off on a speeder to see Bendu (Tom Baker), the one who sits in the middle of the dark and light side. When Ezra asks how can he stop seeing Maul, Bendu replies don't turn around. Maul is walking towards them.

Ezra and Kanan ignite their lightsabers. Bendu has disappeared. Maul calmly informs them he has come to see his apprentice. He is not there to fight. The visions that he and Ezra shared while using the holocrons were incomplete. Ezra has answers for him, and he for Ezra. Maul did learn the location of the rebels secret base. He wants Ezra to accompany him on a mission to unite their visions. Kanan threatens to kill him, but Maul is not to be outplayed. He has planted a beacon that will alert the Empire if anything happens to him.

Ezra promises Kanan he will be alright. He needs to sever the bond to Maul. They take off on Maul's ship. Back at the base, Kanan and Sabine can track them. They leave in the Phantom II before Maul can make the jump to hyperspace.

Maul and Ezra arrive on the red planet of Dathomir. This was Maul's home world. Ruled by the force witches, the Night Sisters, they were wiped out by General Grevious during The Clone Wars. Maul brings Ezra to a cave filled with artifacts. There is a painting of Mother Talzin, but even more intriguing is the Dark Saber; the black lightsaber the Mandalorians stole from the Jedi. Maul cackles that Sabine will explain that object. He ruled with it during his conquest of Mandalore, but was defeated, and his brother killed, by the Emperor.

Maul instructs Ezra to drink a potion he has mixed. It will draw power from the spirits of the Night Sisters to give them clarity. Their eyes glow green and the truth is revealed. Ezra claims he can't believe he's alive. Maul sees him too, on the desert planet with two suns. Of course, it all ends where it began, he murmurs. Suddenly two Night Sister ghosts appear. Maul says they have a debt to pay in blood. Don't let them touch you.

At that moment, Sabine and Kanan arrive at the cave. They fire on the ghosts only to have their bodies possessed. Kanan duels Maul, while Sabine attacks Ezra. Maul says they cannot be defeated or your friends will die. He leads Ezra back into the cave, where the ghosts cannot penetrate. Leave your friends; walk with him as a brother on the path to the planet with two suns. Maul begs Ezra to be his apprentice again. Ezra coldly refuses. Maul goes back to his ship filled with disappointment. Then takes off leaving them all behind.

Ezra lures Sabine back to the cave. She attacks using the darksaber, but Ezra grabs her with the force. As Sabine's body enters the cave, the ghost spirit is expelled. Ezra rushes out towards the altar of the spirits. Kanan is kneeling on top it, taken over by the ghosts of the Night Sisters. They demand his body as payment. Ezra replies he'll have to owe them. He takes his lighsaber and the darksaber, then cuts the altar in half. The spirits dissipate. Kanan is freed.

The trio discuss the vision. Ezra tells them that Master Obi Wan Kenobi is alive on a desert planet with two suns. Kana is stupefied to hear this. They must find him before Maul does. But which desert planet has two suns? As they walk back to the Phantom II, Sabine picks up the darksaber. Tune in to Disney XD next year as Obi Wan Kenobi comes to LucasFilm's Star Wars Rebels.

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