There have been a lot of great villains in the history of Star Wars, and Darth Maul, though very short lived (at least in the movies), is most definitely one of them. Maul was killed off at the end of The Phantom Menace, which has always been a sore spot for fans. Fortunately, the character has found new life in the expanded universe, and a new clip reveals that he will be getting some more screen time in Star Wars Rebels season 3.

The clip was first debuted during the Star Wars Rebels season 3 panel at Star Wars Celebration, which is currently taking place in London. Luckily, Disney and Lucasfilm decided to do us all a favor and allowed it to be uploaded to the IGN YouTube channel shortly after. The clip showcases a very big plot line for at least one of the episodes of the upcoming season, which sees Maul capturing most of the Ghost crew, leaving Kanan and Ezra to come to the rescue. Or at least that's the plan.

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Beware, there are spoilers ahead for season 2 of Rebels if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to have it ruined. Kanan is understandably a little sore with the Sith lord after what happened in Rebels season 2. Maul of course unsuccessfully tried to kill Kanan, but did manage to blind him, which is more than inconvenient for a Jedi Knight. The clip features an interaction between Maul and Kanan which showcases just how understandably raw he is about the whole thing.

Ezra, on the other hand, is still very much being pulled to the dark side a bit, and Maul very much wants to exploit that. Maul keeps referring to Ezra as his apprentice in the clip, which makes for some serious tension. The clip totally boils over when Maul also takes Kanan captive and is clearly going to try and kill him, and make Ezra his Sith apprentice once and for all. Not only that, but we get a good look at Darth Maul's very cool, new lair in the animated series clip.

Darth Maul was one of the only good things about Episode I, and one of the best things about the prequel trilogy in general. Sadly, he was tragically underused, as George Lucas decided to kill him at the end of the movie. Fortunately the character was later resurrected via Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and his since been brought back in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels as well. Lucky for us, it looks like he has a fairly significant part in season 3 as well.

Star Wars Rebels follows the crew of the Ghost starship who do what they can to stand up against the Empire, and do their part in the early years of the formation of the Rebel Alliance. For those who need to get caught up, Rebels season 2 comes out on Blu-ray on August 30. Star Wars Rebels season 3 makes its debut this fall on Disney XD. Be sure to watch the new clip featuring Darth Maul for yourself below.