Star Trek: Discovery is getting a new character soon, and we just learned the details along with getting the first images from this mysterious new season of the hit sci-fi drama. This year, Star Trek made its Hall H debut in a 90 minute series of panels dubbed "Enter the Star Trek Universe." New Star Trek Discovery details were released. Deadline moderator, Dominic Patten, welcomed star Sonequa Martin-Green and executive producers Alex Kurtzman (2009's Star Trek, Michelle Paradise (The Originals) and Heather Kadin (Star Trek: Picard) on stage to discuss the upcoming season of CBS's sci-fi show.

Newcomer, Supergirl star David Ajala, joined the Discovery veterans to provide insight into his new character, Cleveland "Book" Booker. Ajala said this of the character while discussing his role at San Diego Comic-Con.

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"Book is gonna be a character that's gonna break the rules just a little bit. It's always fun to break the rules, and we're gonna do that right from the start this season,"

When it was announced that CBS's newest live-action Star Trek project was going to be released on their new streaming service, CBS All-Access, many fans were worried. After just two seasons, the show has become wildly popular. Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

The show features its own tone and plot lines different from the Star Trek most people know, but carries the same epic feel. For much of its run, Discovery maintained ties with the known canon of Star Trek, featuring characters such as Spock and Captain Pike, but the events of the season 2 finale have opened the gates to possibilities in the unknown. In a plan to stop the villainous AI, Control, the Discovery disappeared into the void, and Spock suggested erasing all Starfleet mentions of the Discovery. In speaking with Entertainment Weekly prior to Comic-Con, Kurtzman had this to say about the upcoming season.

"There will be canonical references to everything that has happened in the various shows; we're not erasing that. But we're so far past that point that all of that is a very distant memory. We're very excited to see how you put the elements of Star Trek in an entirely new universe."

During the 2019 panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Kurtzman confirmed that Discovery's third season will undergo a major time-jump. The sci-fi show will pick up 1,000 years after the second season. He warned us.

"There will be things you recognize and don't recognize...They have big problems."

Seasons 1-2 are currently available to stream on CBS All Access. Although the premiere date for season 3 has not been announced, CBS reported that three of the six Short Treks will be released before season 3. The panel confirmed three of them will follow the Enterprise crew, two will be animated, and the last one will be a teaser for the series Star Trek: Picard.

Check back with us for all of your Comic-Con coverage. This story was previously reported on by CBS News and features interviews from The Hollywood Reporter.

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