Star Trek Discovery is finally going to arrive later this month, but we have an early indication that the show may not be very good. It has been revealed that CBS isn't allowing for any reviews of the New Star Trek series to be published before the first episode airs. While there are exceptions to every rule, typically speaking, if a network or studio doesn't want reviews to get out, it means they aren't very confident in the product. As such, it seems like Star Trek Discovery might be dead on arrival.

Ain't It Cool News Contributor Hercules Strong revealed the embargo that CBS has put in place for Star Trek Discovery reviews on Twitter. We can't say definitively that this means the long-awaited Star Trek show is bad, but this certainly isn't a good sign. The trailers have certainly painted the show in a positive light, with good special effects and a solid cast, but trailers can be deceiving. Most of the time with things like this, where there's smoke, there's fire. And this review embargo smells like smoke. Here's what Strong had to say about it.

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"Embargo!! CBS is prohibiting publication of reviews of #StarTrekDiscovery prior to airing."

Movies and TV shows work quite differently, but most of the time, reviews for a new series or movie will be published before the movie or TV show is actually released. It is up to the studio to decide when publications are allowed to post those reviews and that can be telling. Often times, movie studios will embargo reviews until the last minute to avoid building bad buzz for a movie ahead of time. This happened recently with The Emoji Movie and it was also done last year with Independence Day: Resurgence. TV is a bit of a different animal, but rarely do networks hold reviews until the show airs.

There are several reasons that go beyond quality that could have influenced CBS' decision to embargo the Star Trek Discovery reviews. For one, they may be concerned for spoilers leaking online ahead of time. Another possibility is that CBS doesn't want any of the episodes to leak online ahead of time, which does happen occasionally when advance episodes are sent to reviewers. But considering that Star Trek Discovery was also plagued with production delays and the exit of showrunner Bryan Fuller at one point, there is other evidence that suggests Star Trek fans may have reason to worry.

Star Trek Discovery is set to debut on CBS on Sunday, September 24. The first episode will air on CBS. The series will then live on CBS All Access, the network's new streaming service. As the flagship series for CBS All Access, the network is hoping for a hit that can bring in subscribers. Unfortunately, it sounds like they may have dropped the ball on this one. Fans are going to have to tune in for themselves to find out.