It has now been confirmed that the legendary director and producer, John Landis, will team-up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the production team behind Genius Brands International's forthcoming children's animated series, Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten. Landis will be on directing duties, with Schwarzenegger providing his iconic voice to the lead role in this action-adventure comedy series. As the title suggests, Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten is from the mind of the Marvel and comic book legend, Stan Lee, who co-created the series in one of his final projects.

The series will follow Schwarzenegger's gym coach, who acquires incredible superpowers from a mysterious comet and becomes Captain Courage, one of the earth's greatest protectors. He works 'undercover' as a kindergarten teacher to raise a new generation of super-powered kids.


In a statement about the show, the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger said that starring in Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten was an honor, and that the series will include a variety of important topics.

"I am honored to help realize Stan's vision of creating a children's cartoon series that not only entertains with superhero adventures, but also imparts valuable lessons about the importance of health, exercise, nutrition, anti-bullying, and diversity. Andy Heyward is one of the industry's most respected producers of children's programming and working together we will be able to bring to life our shared vision of 'content with a purpose,' which parents can enjoy alongside their children while taking comfort in the moral and educational focus."

Director and producer John Landis, famous for such as Trading Places, Animal House, Blues Brothers, Three Amigos, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Coming to America, An American Werewolf in London, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, echoed Arnie's delight in bringing the series to life.

"I am honored to work with Andy and Arnold for the first time in bringing Stan's vision to life with this action-packed series infused with comedy and heart."

Landis has also joined the development team to help create a live-action series and potential movie spin-off of the series, though the extent of Landis's involvement with those is not yet clear.

"When one has a property of this magnitude, we will quickly pursue development of a live-action feature spin-off as we work to maximize the value of the brand," said Genius Brands Chairman and CEO Andy Heyward in a statement. "Today's announcement reflects a core element of our strategy for Genius Brands and Kartoon Channel! -- recruiting the industry's top proven and emerging talent to ensure that we are steadily building a content offering that is second to none. We believe that this approach, in combination with our excellent distribution deals and licensing agreements, is a pathway for Genius Brands to drive strong revenue and create long-term shareholder value."


Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten will debut in spring 2021, first on Genius Brands' recently-launched Kartoon Channel! before being broadcast on Amazon Prime in the U.S., and Alibaba in China on its video streaming platform for kids, Youku. This news comes to us courtesy of Genius Brands International, Inc.