After posting vitriolic remarks about Dolly Parton on Facebook, longtime Squidbillies voice actor Stuart D. Baker has been booted from his 15-year role voicing one of the show's lead characters. Also a comedian who performs under the stage name Unknown Hinson, Baker made some troubling posts on his personal Facebook account late last week after Parton had publicly voiced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

"So, now this freak titted, old Southern bimbo is a BLM Lover? Remember, slut, Rednecks made you a Millionaire!" Baker said in one Facebook post. After receiving some backlash over his remarks, Baker posted another status update encouraging offended "Liberals" to unfriend him if they didn't like what he had to say. "HAVE FUN forsaking your own race, culture and heritage," Baker goes on to add. Perhaps coming to his senses, Baker later deleted his entire Facebook account, but not before the posts were captured via screenshot and shared across social media.


On Monday, Squidbillies creators Jim Fortier and Dave Willis announced on the show's official Twitter account that Baker had been terminated from his voice acting duties. "We're aware of the extremely offensive and derogatory social media posts made late last week by Stuart D. Baker," the statement reads. "The views he expressed do not reflect our own personal values or the values of the show that we and many others have worked hard to produce over the past 15 years. For those reasons, production of Squidbillies will continue without Mr. Baker, effective immediately."

Given what we know about the character, it's ironic for the voice actor to get himself in trouble over making racially insensitive remarks. Debuting on Adult Swim in 2005, Squidbillies follows a family of anthropomorphic hillbilly mud squids living in rural Georgia. The animated series starred Baker in the lead role of Early Cuyler, an alcoholic father befitting of the "backwoods redneck" stereotype. In a 2016 episode of the series, Early opposed a Confederate flag ban and joined a Southern heritage group, so the fictional cephalopod himself can be considered a very controversial character to start with.


It has become very clear that posting racist remarks on social media is a very quick way for anyone to lose their job, so you've got to question what exactly Baker was thinking when he made those vulgar posts. It could be speculated that Baker was "in character" as his Unknown Hinson persona and was merely attempting to be funny, but that doesn't seem very likely, as the posts were made from Baker's personal Facebook account.

In any case, although Baker had been voicing Early since the beginning of the show, word is his role will now be cast with a new voice actor yet to be named. Last year, Squidbillies had been renewed for a 13th season, but it's not yet clear when the new episodes are expected to air on television. Whenever the show does eventually come back, don't expect Early Cuyler to sound exactly the same. This news comes to us from Variety.