Showtime is developing a half-hour comedy based on director Spike Lee's first feature film, the 1986 indie classic She's Gotta Have It. The filmmaker will write the pilot script and he is attached to direct the pilot episode.

The film, which Spike Lee shot in just 12 days on a $175,000 budget, centers on Nora Darling (Tracy Camilla Johns), a sexually independent Brooklyn woman who balances three potential suitors, played by Tommy Redmond Hicks, John Canada Terrell and Spike Lee. The filmmaker/actor's character Mars Blackmon was also used in a series of 1980s and 1990s Nike Air Jordan commercials with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The series will offer a contemporary look at the characters, exploring Spike Lee's unique and provocative viewpoints regarding race, sexuality, relationships, gender and gentrification in Brooklyn.

The movie, which earned over $7 million during its box office run in the summer of 1986, helped usher in a new wave of American independent films and African-American filmmakers.