Eccentric filmmaker and actor Tommy Wiseau has just revealed a surprise new project voicing the lead character in a new web-series. Called SpaceWorld, the pilot episode can now be seen on the Octopie YouTube channel, which describes the series as "what happens when you merge The Room with Star Wars." Frequent collaborator and The Room co-star Greg Sestero also voices a character for the series. Running under six minutes long, the pilot is the only episode currently available, though Octopie urges viewers to like and subscribe to their channel to see more episodes made.

Really, SpaceWorld is pretty much exactly how you would expect. Right in the opening moments, Wiseau's spaceship pilot character TX tells his alien buddy, "Please don't annoy me with your breath right now," immediately giving the animation that trademark Tommy Wiseau vibe. Apparently, TX is an extra-terrestrial bounty hunter, searching for big money targets across the galaxy. His nemesis Drago (Sestero) appears on a large-screen monitor in the spaceship to challenge him, crash-landing onto the surface of a "violent and unstable" planet nearby. Of course, TX chooses to go after him along with his quirky crew, and as it's carried by the voice of Wiseau, the video is very enjoyable.


Wiseau and Sestero are of course best known for appearing in The Room, which has often been described as the worst movie ever made. Written and directed by Wiseau, the movie focuses on a love triangle which culminates in the suicide of one of the lead characters. While that might sound like dark subject matter on paper, the movie is incredibly entertaining to watch because of its bizarre dialogue, choppy editing, cheesy music, and other faults. Perhaps most hilarious of all is the performance of Wiseau in the lead role, as nobody else could ever deliver those lines in the kooky way that only he can. Whether this was Wiseau's intention or not, the movie developed a cult following because of its comical nature and fans still hold theatrical viewings of it to this day.


The making of The Room is such an interesting story that it was developed into a book by Sestero. Titled The Disaster Artist, the book was later adapted into a movie with James Franco directing using a screenplay by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. Franco also starred in the movie as Tommy Wiseau, with his brother Dave Franco playing Greg Sestero. As with the original book, the movie chronicles how The Room came to be, with the true story somehow being even more crazy then the events of Wiseau's movie. The Disaster Artist ironically turned out to be a critical hit with plenty of acclaim at awards season, as James Franco even snagged a Golden Globe for Best Actor.


In addition to SpaceWorld, Wiseau has also previously revealed his plans to direct a new movie about a big shark. Appropriately titled Big Shark, the movie will star Wiseau alongside Sestero and Isaiah LaBorde. No official release date has yet been set, but the project will reportedly be released in September 2019. As for SpaceWorld, you can take a look at the pilot below, courtesy of Octopie on YouTube.