TNT won't renew Southland until the final three upcoming episodes left in Season 4 finally air. But word is that the cop drama is likely getting renewed for Season 5, which is exciting news, at least for us here at TVweb.

A renewal with the network won't be announced until all of the live-plus-7 data is in for the year, but current numbers and critical praise is pushing the notion of another season forward at an accelerated rate.

The ratings for Season 4 are up from Season 3, which in turn had garnered better ratings than Season 2. The show is averaging roughly three million viewers a week, and it has edged ahead of its timeslot competitor White Collar on USA.

TNT is also looking to produce a new crime drama for next year that will fall in line with A&E's The First 48, which will follow a homicide investigation during its first stages.

We will be sure to update you as soon as Southland Season 5 is officially announced.