In the midst of perhaps the most bizarre year of any of our lifetimes, fans of South Park across the world are anxiously awaiting to see how the hit animated series will tackle the events of 2020. Known for its raunchy humor and its satirization of real-world news and events, fans have come to expect South Park to poke fun at reality's most controversial hot button issues. Because this year literally began in disaster and has only gotten progressively more insane, the show certainly has a lot of catching up to do, and it's only making fans more anxious to see how South Park addresses the year of 2020.

"Cannot wait for the new South Park season. 2020 has undoubtedly provided enough material to say the least," one fan bluntly states. "After everything that's happened in 2020 all I know is that the new season of South Park is gonna be wild," echoes another. Meanwhile, many other fans are in agreement that 2020 "literally feels like one big episode" of the hit Comedy Central series. In any case, what is very clear amongst all fans of the show is that people are very excited for it to return.

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Going back to the start, 2020 kicked off with the devastating Australia wildfires that caused severe destruction to the continent's ecosystem. The year followed this up with the shocking death of Kobe Bryant, along with his 13-year-old daughter and several other occupants of a helicopter plane crash. These events were horrific enough, but the introduction and rapid spread of a new illness quickly made things go from bad to worse, resulting in widespread death and a national shutdown of all non-essential businesses. Toilet paper shortages, grocery stores brawls, and mandatory face coverings are just some of the many real-world events that would be very easy for South Park to satirize.

Of course, the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department and the ensuing fallout continues to bring about many major changes. The event has seen worldwide protests calling for the dismantling or complete defunding of police departments, as well as justice for Floyd and others unjustly killed at the hands of police officers. Amid continued Black Lives Matter protests, the animation world has also seen big changes as many white voice actors have announced they will no longer be voicing non-white characters. As Matt Stone and Trey Parker themselves primarily voice most of the show's characters, it seems probable they will have to address this one way or another on South Park.

As of right now, it remains unclear as to exactly when South Park will return. Since 2013, new seasons of the series had been premiering in the month of September, and if this pattern continues, we could be seeing new episodes as early as next month. As the fans have observed, there's no shortage of material for Trey Parker and Matt Stone to work with, and the biggest issue may be in deciding where to even begin. You can take a look at some of the tweets from South Park fans awaiting the next season below.