Eric Cartman will be back on the big screen this fall, as Comedy Central has revealed the premiere date for South Park Season 23 in a new teaser trailer that dropped during Comic-Con. Titled "South Park Asks the Big Questions in Season 23," the video consists of clips from past episodes all wrapped together to form the show's DNA. "Find out who's inside you," a line of text reads on the video, before revealing the new season will premiere on Comedy Central on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Each new episode will then stream the following day on Hulu and at

Given the way South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker create new episodes, it's impossible to say at this point which new storylines are coming. The two are known to make up each episode from week to week as the season moves along, and there's likely nothing set in stone at this point. The series is known to touch on popular topics in the mainstream media, as Season 22 saw them spoofing such hot button issues as political correctness, climate change denial, vaping, and even school shootings. If we're going by what's popular now as any indication, some of the early episodes of Season 23 could touch on the security concerns of FaceApp and the storming of Area 51.


South Park first premiered in 1997 on Comedy Central. Due to its vulgarity, the animated series was very controversial from the start. Still, it was immensely popular, going on to become the flagship series for the network. It primarily follows Eric, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny - a group of elementary schoolers who swear like sailors and permanently wear their winter clothing. Earlier seasons typically focused on their relationships and lives at school as well as other small town problems in South Park, while later seasons have since become a political commentary and a spoof of pop culture. The series has changed a bit in appearance and tone compared to its beginnings, though the show is still just as funny as it's always been.


At this point, South Park is just three episodes shy of hitting its 300th episode. Chances are, Stone and Parker are going to want to do something big for the occasion, and the third episode of Season 23 should particularly be worth checking out. While that's still not even half of what The Simpsons has accumulated by this point, it's been a tremendous run so far for the raunchy animated series, and clearly, Comedy Central doesn't have plans to put an end to the show anytime soon, or at least nothing was mentioned during the show's presence at San Diego Comic Con.

Season 23 of South Park will premiere on Comedy Central on Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, with new episodes following every Wednesday night. Hulu subscribers will be able to catch them the next day, and they will also be streaming on the Comedy Central App. You can take a look at a teaser for Season 23 below, courtesy of Comedy Central on YouTube.