The South Park season 22 finale featured a very rare uncensored c-word. Not only that, but it was none other than Santa Claus who said it. Over its more than two-decade run, the animated series has crossed many barriers and has never shied away from being potentially offensive to certain viewers. At the same time, they've also never been shy about making social commentary, in their own way. All of that was on full display in the latest episode.

South Park's latest episode, titled "Bike Parade," sees the citizens of the Colorado town contending with a lack of toys for Christmas, since their Amazon factory shut down over a strike. Santa comes to the rescue and is happy to help the town, since his buddy Mr. Hankey resides there. Or at least resided there. Unfortunately for Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and the gang, they actually ran Mr. Hankey out of town recently for some things that he tweeted, which were blamed on Ambien.


This is a reference to the controversy Roseanne Barr faced earlier this year after she sent out a racist tweet, which led to ABC canceling Roseanne, despite being a huge ratings success. The rest of the cast rallied behind a spin-off, The Conners. Kevin Hart also recently departed his host as the Oscars over some anti-gay tweets that resurfaced once he got the gig. Santa, even after hearing the town's explanation, wasn't happy to hear that his pal had been run out of town. As he departed, his final words were nothing shy of surprising.

"Good luck sucking Jeff Bezos' dick, you bunch of c***s."

For what it may be worth, the f-word was censored when it was uttered in the episode, but the c-word was not. Though shocking, this is not the first time that South Park has crossed this particular line. The first time creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone dropped that bomb was in the 2007 episode Le Petit Tourette. Elsewhere, the c-word was used in FX's hit drama Feud in the first episode. Still, it's a very rare line for any cable series to cross. Let alone having that word said by Santa, a figure inherently tied to children. Then again, we are talking about the same show that used the s-word 162 times in a single episode.


In addition to the previously mentioned moments, the finale also finally addressed their Trump character, who was seen being tucked into a police car in handcuffs at the very end of the episode. The series had completely ignored the character this whole season, but Parker and Stone decided it was time to bring him back, as pressure has mounted in recent weeks for President Trump with the Mueller investigation. South Park season 23 is set to air in 2019. For those who may have missed it, feel free to check out the clip of Santa dropping the c-word in the clip from the South Park Studios YouTube channel below.